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Hair Tutorial

I'm still not the best at hair so I did another study turned tutorial. I still really like how I'm doing it right now though Especially if you compare it with my earlier works lol

Still be warned, step 6 is pretty difficult and took me along time to get it right, I still think its one of the nicest ways to draw hair though so totally worth the effort >w>

Hope it can be useful to you guys too!

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very nice! THX
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i'm on a mini mission to combine a sheet ton of hair-drawing techniques to get my own method
i'm gonna use this for experiments
Not bad eh
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Hair is really difficult, even right now because I'm still in the process of understanding it. This is a great tutorial to help understand how to draw the shape and adding the highlights to it. Thumbs Up 
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Im glad you think it's helpful!-
Sometimes I think I'm never going to be able to draw hair the way
I want it to but doing all these studies really help me so Im glad it can
be useful to others as well (:
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i thought this was 'jesus's hair tutorial idk  fjfjfjvufufii lmao
Nice tutorial always helpful.
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This is extremely useful, and you're giving it for free. Thank you so much!
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No problem! It's also useful for me to make them so I'm glad other people find them useful too (:
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somewhere... in Nevada 
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Sammy? is that you?Semmy Stahp 
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xD I'm not the only one who thought it!! 
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Sammy is mah boiLet me love yous plz 
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Is that Matthew Mercer ?
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You could make it that way ;)
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All fun and games, until you end up loosing your individual style due to these tutorials. Just an opinion I wanted to share, please don't bite.
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