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Grass Tutorial

Little grass tutorial I made after someone (EntoDesign) requested it and since Ive had this one on my to do list it seems like a good idea to finally make it. It is once again mostly just a step by step of how I myself draw grass but hopefully it can help you a bit with the commentary Ive added to it. And as always, if you have any questions feel free to ask them!

Here are some other tutorials you might be interested in as well that I made!

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wont let me download

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Is the download button not there?

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!!! lovin deez tutorials

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That's... much much simpler than how i was doing it.

Me encanta el trabajo de iluminación que le das..

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Beautiful! Tysm it's gonna help a lot!

Does anyone know any good digital websites for making art?

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Sketchbook or Procreate are favorites of online artists

This is great! took a photo of my granddaughter & wrote a message to her, but had some typos. Need to redo the grass before I can re-add the note.

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Your a life saver! Thank you.

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ill try that tysm <3

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this is so helpful and that little bird is so cute omg ;n; <3

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Glad you think so! >w>

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very helptul thank you <3

thanks, this was helpful <3

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No problem, glad to help :)

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This was really helpful, tysm!!

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Thanks, the effect is so nice and smooth!

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Glad you think so! ;D

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Thanks for showing this!:happybounce:

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