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September 27, 2020
Gerald the Snail by BelieveTheHorror
Featured by C-91
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Gerald the Snail

A personal piece of mine where I worked on some movement animation. Tried to make it as fluid as I could and then coloured it, pretty happy with the end result :)

I named him Gerald, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed but he does his best :>
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NinjaDragon3's avatar

OH MY GOODNESS HE'S PERFECT!!! The little bounce of his eyes! cute I love Gerald!

BelieveTheHorror's avatar

He's a sweetheart <3

Glad you like him! :)

ClayRules's avatar

A D O R A B L E !

ClayRules's avatar

I am quite new to DeviantArt🙂 I love your art! I just checked out some of it <3

BelieveTheHorror's avatar

Ahh, that makes me happy :)

Hope you have a good time here! You gonna drop your own art as well or are you just browsing? ^^

ClayRules's avatar

Well, I was thinking of just browsing and having a look at what people do, and then dropping off some art every once in a while when I have time, especially in the holidays when I have so much art I want to share:)

I'm having a great time so far thanks! Want to start a chat so we aren't completely clogging this chat?

BelieveTheHorror's avatar

Yeah sure! ^^

I keep forgetting deviantart has a chat fuction now- been wanting that for ages but now that it's here I keep forgetting lol

butolife's avatar

great job! I love pixel art! can I put it on my avatar?

BelieveTheHorror's avatar

Thanks! And that's fine, just be sure to credit me somewhere :)

butolife's avatar

Thanks! Sure . Success in creative work! I put it as an avatar of my future main page.:hug:

PurpleStar2020's avatar

Gerald is so cute with his big eyes

Don-Flick's avatar
Tabitha---Bunny's avatar
BelieveTheHorror's avatar

Glad you like it! :)

ArtBIT's avatar

OMG I want one!

Amazing work. It feels as if it came out of Metal Slug video game.

BelieveTheHorror's avatar

Wow, thank you very much! And honestly same, snails can be adorable!

Hazelnutchan's avatar
I don't like snails but I can't stop watching this ToT
BelieveTheHorror's avatar

Thats fair, its probably the wobbly eyes XD

teaneaweanea's avatar

id die for you gerald

Lady-Evlen's avatar
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