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Fur Tutorial

I finally practiced some furrrr! Multiple people have been asking me to draw a fur tutorial but Im actually not that good with it and change my style all the time- So I finally did some practice and made this. Hope it can be useful to you as well :>

I mostly based it from this drawing I made awhile ago of which I really liked how the hair/fur turned out ;D
->… You can also see some of the steps I made while drawing this.

Here are some other tutorials you might like!
Hair Tutorial
Rose Tutorial
Grassy Rock Tutorial
Ice Tutorial
Water Tutorial
Lava Tutorial
Electricity Tutorial
Fire Tutorial
Scales Tutorial

I also finally figured out how to get a better quality picture on deviantart ToT
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How To Draw Your Very Own Tribble. Uhhh... Hmmm...

Otherwise, thanks for posting your tutorials.
GryphonsArt's avatar
thank you for that mini tutos! =) All faved ( or almost all)
BelieveTheHorror's avatar
ahh, thank you so much! <3
EspurrTheHoly's avatar
I'd love to see some cat eye/animal eye tutorials! These are super helpful! Thank you!
Toadpole's avatar

Awesome! could you do a tutorial for blood clotting?

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ohhh, it does look like a fruit with that form xD but still looks good :3
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So floofy & sparkly! :3
Phant-Gasm's avatar
I just shave mine, thanx!
DarkMindAlchemist's avatar
i didnt get a thing....
RamonaMelone's avatar
Super Saiyan Hair!
julyana2563's avatar
the super saiyan hair? :v
NULLXGKC's avatar
It reminds me of upside down dragon fruit
dolphingirl1205's avatar
klr1956's avatar

You have a face that reminds me of when my dog first stretches in the morning ... but only when he is facing away from me.

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