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November 28, 2018
Feather/Bird Tutorial by BelieveTheHorror
Featured by Mocris
Suggested by GeorgeXVII
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Feather/Bird Tutorial

*Download it for better resolution!

Made this for a friend of me at school for some sharing points~
Maybe it can be useful for you too!

Feel free to ask any question and I'll try to explain it (:

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Dimillioun's avatar
 Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5] "gasp" woooow it is sooo pretty! 
Championx91's avatar
You're welcome! :love:
LindArtz's avatar

Very nicely done!! :clap:!!! 

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

GeorgeXVII's avatar
Congrats on your beautiful DD BelieveTheHorror :clap:
What a beautiful and very helpful tutorial ! 
Keep up the good work ! :star:
Matchiant's avatar
NinaHah I think you'll enjoy this
NinaHah's avatar
I've seen it already ^^' I was thinking of "tried following X's tutorial" with it.
Luigra's avatar
Now how to sketch so good and realistic 
DeathZerr's avatar
kinda looks metallic/plastic but still amazing.
vesperrs's avatar
This is stunning! What a pretty robin!
mercedes009's avatar
BabanIllustration's avatar
those feathers look too chunky, the shadows under them are too heavy. they usually have a much softer gradient into the curve of another feather. they kinda look like they have a thickness to them here like scales?
DepressionVibes's avatar
and if while drawing stop at the 4 step that looks simply and add the details on the eye?
Flesh---Canvas's avatar
I like the chonky bois, it makes it nicely styled
BabanIllustration's avatar
i think it would on a simpler more stylised drawing, but the drawing is leaning heavily towards realism, but the feather rendering is heavily towards cartoonish. they work fine apart, but they are stylistically inconsistent when put together in one piece.
Flesh---Canvas's avatar
Everyone is entitled to their opinion hehe
I know heaps of people who like the semi-realist style, including myself
It's not like
An objective truth you know

Of course there's room for improvement as with all things but I don't think changing the style completely is the way to go
BelieveTheHorror's avatar
Yeah you are right, the feathers could be a little less chunky. Though I myself have always liked this style of drawing feathers, I'll try to make it smoother next time! :)
BabanIllustration's avatar
yeah, it would work fine as a style choice if the bird was more cartoonish? what's throwing it off is that the  proportions of the bird are very far towards being realistic, and the rendering of the feathers is inconsistent with it. if you exaggerated the feathers on a cartoony bird it would look fine, but with the realistic bird there's no reason to be exaggerating the thickness of the feathers so much, especially since they're probably about the same thickness as hair?

and yeah i bet this sort of style would look really nice on scales though! kinda makes me want to draw a chickeny dinosaur :'>
MariaEnzianiaKober's avatar
Um - I would simply call it "artistic style"; if we were talking about making highly realistic feathers I would agree with you. But if that's her style of drawing/painting, it fits for her.
BabanIllustration's avatar
stylisation isn't an excuse for technical failures.
even then, the drawing is more towards realistic but the rendering of the feathers is more cartoonish, so the stylisation is inconsistent and looks awkward.
MariaEnzianiaKober's avatar
True, stylisation isn't an excuse for technical failures, or lack of "underlying basics" (like when drawing humans and totally lacking anatomy knowledge, it usually shines through).
Yet I just saw that the artist herself commented on this (seems like around the same time I wrote my comment), so I'll just leave it with that :)
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