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Cloud Tutorial

I've always loved those anime-ish clouds above water- giving it an almost heavenly look. SO, I made a tutorial for myself about it so I know how I did it for in the future. Maybe it can help you guys too!

If you have any suggestions for tutorials, just tell me! :)

Hope you guys like it!
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This is a good tutorial. Thanks for all the detailed step-by-step images.

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You know what? Im gonna apply those for my next drawing

This tutorial is very helpful, thank you!

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Very helpful, thank you!

Dat-Chococat's avatar
*much admiring screeching*
I was going to make a sunset background somewhat like this! Thanks, really needed it!
fireytika's avatar
This is so cool! Thank youuuu
RyusakiTheWraith's avatar
Now... without the flip it around part, can this work when drawing on paper?
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Yes, It'll just take more practice to copy out the cloud pattern exactly in the reflection :]
RyusakiTheWraith's avatar
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Oh hey this looks like something I can learn!

Proceeds to step 1: .........

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Hey again! Not sure if you'll see this, but I just recently finished an attempt at following this tutorial. Would it be possible if you could give me some critique?
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Wow! Beautiful! thank you!^^
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this is actually very helpful. 
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Nice tutorial! 
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Nice tutorial, thank you
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That is awesome, thank you!
BelieveTheHorror's avatar
No problem at all ^^
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Airborne I wanna do this now for backgrounds!
BelieveTheHorror's avatar
That would be awesome :D
Aquachand's avatar
:D Sorry I just kinda freaked out when I saw you replied to me Woohooooo! 
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the only time i have done something like that was on papper xD
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