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Welcome in!

Rules for joining
You must be a believer of all things we can see and what's beyond our eyes. Have some kind of creature in your gallery and maintain a positive attitude.

Have a good reason to join, provide a link to at least one deviation you'd like to submit, and do be active.

And if you are rejected don't despair, you can always watch the group and still see the wonders. =)

:About Submissions:
:bulletblue:Members are allowed only 2 submissions per day.
:bulletblue:You can request a Favorite to be here once a day. Admins can request and select a Feature.
:bulletblue:We prefer original works (OCs;something of your own) but if it is fanart or something like that be sure you make that clear in your artist descriptions.
:bulletblue:No bad scans or Work In Progress(WIPs) pictures please.
:bulletred:FEATURED Is only for members of Believers of Wonders.
:bulletred:FAVORITES Are for people not of BoW. =)

No sticky fingers.
That means do not take what does not belong to you, these people put a lot of work into each of their pieces and they should not be tampered with >3>.

If you have a question just note us or leave a comment. =) Be it about the rules, unsure about submitting anything, or if notice something wrong.

Gallery Folders

Mad Artist by Valentina-Remenar
Blue by Kholouz
Late night corner by christon-clivef
The Heavens
Coffee shop by TaroTram
Tom Marvolo Riddle- Fanart by TaroTram
sunset by TaroTram
Fairy-Study by TaroTram
The Sky
Nyx - casual clothing by JonathanHunter94
Otherlands vol 1 page 24 by DiscipleDJ
Faldio #2 by JonathanHunter94
Ketanya by DiscipleDJ
The Land
Open The Door To Imagination by DiscipleDJ
Where Lost Toys Go by DiscipleDJ
Peace Palace by DiscipleDJ
The Seas and Oceans
Lance Wilson by DiscipleDJ
corona summer 2020 by TaroTram
Pearl Hippocampus by DiscipleDJ
...Curtains... by BlueySerperiorNeo
The Underworld
Chaos by DiscipleDJ
Book Worm by DiscipleDJ
Purple Witch by fria-ainne
Black and Gold by fria-ainne


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Hey! Thanks! n_n
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Avafaidian Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here's a Generator Res phoo I just made for the heck of it. :D
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Wonderful :w00t:
I have not watched that show in quite a while.
Avafaidian Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
With light and darkness enter twined in two fates comes more than one wonder, overruled by destruction.
- Tells of how hatred can overcome friendship. I guess. I made that up just now, btw. :D
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happy-wolf-pie Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow your good :D
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That was quite neat. :clap:
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Hai. I um, think aliens exist. No point in them not. :3
happy-wolf-pie Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
same here!! welcome to the group! :meow:
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You're probably not the only one :D.
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