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Varamyr Sixskins

A Card for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game.
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Do you mean that, they have also Direwolves ? The death watch ? 
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Is there actually a card game for A Game of Thrones? If so awesome and this is awesome as well!
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*drools over cards in amazement* thank you for introducing me to the best thing possible :D AWESOME
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OH MY GODS. *dies*
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So is this guy a dwarf?
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Perfect picture for one of the most bad ass characters ever ^_^ well done.
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fricken awesome man!!!
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oooh, this is just like I pictured it -- except, frankly, a lot scarier!
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One of my friend's has him in his wildling deck.
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this is fantastic!I really underrated character and very well rendered.
"So, the enemy mage is riding a dire bear, and is followed by wolfs and snowpanthers? Yep, time to retreat."

Again, simply great art,especially that menacing bear-head. The man seems just as feral as his company, the glowing eyes suggest a mindlink directing all to a common cause, probably ripping to shreds whoever they are looking at...
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woooww great artwork! well done! :hooray: :clap:
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Beautiful lighting!
This is amazing, love the detail.
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Awesome. Varamyr was always one of the most interesting minor characters from that series, was always hoping to find out more about his back story
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Very nice! right up my street!
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Шикарно! Особенно глаза....мурашки по коже.
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lol it looks like a crazy homeles guy... but it works very well for the peice :D
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