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Rule of Fear

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Rule of Fear (PFRPG)
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spitfire-panda's avatar
Epic battle scene!  Great job :)
TheBurningTree's avatar
That work is... well, it's perfect. Adorable. Fantastic.
Well done!
MechaDragon86's avatar
Cool picture, but the straps on the shield don't feel right, it would be either an extremely narrow field of protection or an awfully awkward way to hold it.
faroldjo's avatar
i remember this image, i love it soo much
Mangatellers's avatar
Amazing art style. I like the pose of both characters. The female knight looks epic and the villian looks very creepy. Well done! :D
binkibonsai's avatar
Vampire's goin' all kung fu on the paladin!
theurbanwerewolf's avatar
very nice. you rock!
VonEyEzine's avatar
this is an awesome pic, but that chest needs to be redone, I swear that looks like a chics tit, try less shading under the that peck.
Chulk09's avatar
That’s because it is a chick, just so you know Pathfinders RPG's Poster Paladin (play on poster boy) is a girl, and that would be her in this image.
VonEyEzine's avatar
well if thats a chic, then uh, ill pass on pathfinder... ive played all rpg bookcase games and of course this is a new one to me. I lived the age before pc gaming and dice and the imagination reigned supreme! RPG sold on cover art primarily, and this is well, eh, if its a chic then...I dont know what to say
Chulk09's avatar
Rule of Fears pretty good i got my copy of the booklet 2 weeks ago ^_^ great art inside and maps.
RaymondMinnaar's avatar
nice lovin it instant fav
gugu-troll's avatar
Колоритная эта женщина в доспехах :) Сколько уже есть иллюстраций с ней?
caiomm's avatar
Half-Dorc's avatar
This is awesome. Daynamic and interesting it looks like a real fight where either character could have the advantage. Her shield looking like it has been knocked behind her really adds to the appearance of impact and you really captured the menace of that nosferatu-style vampire. Bravo, this is easily one of my favorite pics.
dron111's avatar
great work !!!!
Greenbandit1022's avatar
LOL looks like lord voldamort
Lheu's avatar
сражение между людьми и вампирами у замка вот настоящая рука мастера ужастиков
delinquit's avatar
5 bucks on a chick in the armor..
Lavypoo's avatar
really wonderful detail and color tone :D
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