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EDIT: I cannot tell you how grateful I am, but thank you all so much. You literally saved my life.
I will try to update this journal with (hopefully) good news as soon as I can. Things are still messy, but we try to get a hold of it, that's why it is difficult for me to reply to everyone. But I will do my best. So please wait a little longer, I will definately try to explain more of this as soon as I can.
Thank you again!

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry for my long absence and lack of updates. Things haven't been going well for me ever since December 2008 and my situation has hit the bottom.
That is why I'm here to ask you to commission me, but please hear my reason first:
My mother and me have been wrongfully set on the street on December 22nd by the authorities. Our lawyer ditched us 2 days before. They cut all our sources, so we are with absolutely no money on our bank accounts or pockets, no cell phones, no nothing. We have no family who would help us and we were promised sleeping places by three friends. In the end, two of them didn't even open the door, because shortly after they were threatened to be kicked out of their homes if they let us in. However only one of them had the courage to at least tell us the reason.

We slept the past week in our car, trying part-time jobs and handing all of our remaining stuff to a pawn shop. And overall the situation is really complicated, but I can tell you that they had no reason to do to us what they did.
Bit by bit they took everything we own within two years. We are still fighting, going to court and everything. But they are taking their time. But we need a place to sleep and food to eat.

So now I'm accessing the internet via my laptop and a w-lan to ask you to commission me if you can. I'm not begging you for money or donations or whatever.
I will work for it.

This is the last resort for my mother and me to get back on track, it was never my intention to post about all of this here, not even my closest friends know about this, but now I don't see any other way.

I would really appreciate your help.
So here is my commission information:…

On top of it I will add a free pencil sketch, no charges. Since this is all I can do.

Thank you for your understanding.

EDIT: I have to edit this post because the feedback I'm receiving in such short time is overwhelming.
I want to thank everyone for their support, be it by commissioning me, including us into their prayers, or spreading the word. But I'm asking you not to commission me if it could get you into trouble, might it be just so slight (like asking parents, scraping together if you know you need it for something else).
Also I know there are many people who don't believe what I have written, and call it off as scam. That's fine, it's to be expected. All I can do is tell you that this situation is very real to me and very humiliating. I'm just trying to do as much as I possibly can to lift some weight off my mother's shoulders. Even if it means having to sacrifice a reputation I wanted to build up steadily as an artist.
Again, I want to thank everyone who is supporting us, you can not imagine how much this helps and means to us.

EDIT2: Oh my god everyone thank you so much, I will try to reply to every single note, email and comment as quickly as possible. I'm sorry for the delay OTL
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You're in my prayers.
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Hello, I'm really a nobody~
Your art are awesome! but, unfortunately i dont have the money ~_~ sorry.

But, i'm wishing that you'll be discovered by some big people of a big company so that they can make use of your talent. Thank god you still have your laptop.

Hey, Why not try making money out of mangas or something?
xXxDarkenedAngelxXx's avatar
Awww. I hope all goes well. :(

I wish I can commission you.... ;A;
llamapixie's avatar
I'm praying for you friend! I know that you're seeing an overload of these comments but I will keep you and your mother in my prayers, please know that GOD IS ALWAYS THERE and that He will provide! I love you!!
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Where the hell do you live (country)? Those authority people need to die ! I will bomb them !!
I freakin want to commission everyone (because I'm quite rich) on dA who needs help and is in this kind of situation, but I'm a little girl with no credit cards or paypal or anything and a family who couldn't care less about people they don't know.
We're on a Bengali TV channel, it shows one of those programs talking about homeless kids and stuff, and my parents are all like IMAGINE BEING LIKE THEM WE HAVE TO HELP THEM
and you describe your situation in as much detail as you possibly can, I showed my dad this, and he didn't give a fuck, he thought you were lying. So do my friends.
And these other people who aren't getting news from you for commissions -- I sorta don't trust you either. But I want this to stop !! I pray for you !
I sorta think you're dead right now (people, please please please don't flame me for saying that, but I made a journal about her back in December, and nothing's really changed).
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I hope that everything will turn up for the better.
If I had the money, I'd gladly donate, but unfortunately, my dad tends to spit all of my money out, and I'm left with my mother barely being able to scrap up anything to pay rent.
I'll try to find a way to commission you, and hopefully, everything will be better!
ForeignButterfly's avatar
I really wish I could help you. I don't have any money to commission you but I will keep you and your mother in my prayers. You are an incredibly strong person and an inspiration as to how you are handling your situation. I applaud you! Keep it up!!!
graciedart's avatar
shame on that lawyer who left you.
and praise to the friend who had the courage to shelter you, its a bit reminiscent of world war 2, you know ?
i don't even know you but i'll be praying for you. if i had the money i would comission, but sadly i am a teenager with no job.
i wish you luck, because thats all i can do !
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Good luck with everything, my prayers are with you. I'm sorry I can't help out in any way ><"
Mi-Mi15's avatar
oh my!
i really hope things get better!
i think i can try to see if i can find some people to help.

i hope and pray for you. :heart:

PaoO1's avatar
: ) I hope everything goes ok. I can't help you because I'm in a situation myself, but I just wanted to tell you that I know how it feels.

I know it helps nothing, but still.
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You do not have to reply to this comment
this will make it one message less to reply to

i just want to say, you remind me of my friend
she's also in a bit of trouble
but it seems yours is a bit worse
i'm not trying to say anything bad
what i'm trying to say it

i really do hope you and your mother get back on track, if not soon, then slowly and steadily
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arr, just come to BRUNEI, and you will be given free money... why? The oil sources. It's currently kinda like world's richest country... hehehe.

I wish I could commission you...
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my goodnessO_O. It's so sad when things like that happens...and i kinda know what your going was some years happens. and it's the worse. your art is amazing and would love to help! i really like the ones that you've done...TRC. I'll note you when i have the money in my account. Ummm...take it from someone who kinda knows, it'll all turn around and things will get better, there is nowhere to go but up from here! lots of love, and it's amazing to see the dA community put together to help one of our own in need. Lots of love! :tighthug:
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Hang tough! I can't believe there are so many busy-bodies on the internet quick to say this is bull. I actually found your account through Hakumo, and your art is really, really lovely and the first I've met that is actually worth the commission price!

All I can say,is hang in there, you have people (if even on the interweb) praying for you and sending their best wishes, eventually all that good karma will come back tenfold.

When I save up, I want to commish you, you are an awesome artist so when I budget it in I will come to you for my first commissioned artist <3 I give you all my best wishes and good karma and hope you find a good a safe and good place soon.
aMege's avatar
I am so sorry I don't have any money. If i did, I would donate it to you straightaway.

I wish you luck, and hope things get better. You have people watching out for you. :hug:
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What they're doing is horrible! I hope the situation works itself out for the best. I'll be hoping it does! Your artwork is splendid, so Im sure you'll be up to your ears in commissions in no time!

My best wishes :]
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Wow... das ist echt erschütternd... ich möchte euch echt helfen und sobald ich etwas Geld habe, werde ich nach einem Bild fragen!
Ich würd euch gern auch anders helfen, aber ich wohn selbst noch bei meinen Eltern und könnt euch deswegen leider keine Schlafstätte oder sowas anbieten. Wenn ich aber was anderes hier von Deutschland aus für euch tun kann, lasst es mich wissen!
Oh man, das sowas hier passieren kann... hätte ich nicht gedacht. Aber wirklich meinen vollsten Respekt, dass du das hier jetzt selbst in die Hand nimmst, statt zu nörgeln. Ich wünsch euch noch viel Glück und dass ihr das alles bald hinter euch habt!!
PrincessMerleen's avatar
Believe in yourself and hope. Every thing will turn out right if you just believe in your self! And believe that you can make it through! Even in the darkest of times.... There's always a light at the end of the tunnel.
XxWhimsicalxX's avatar
I wish i could commission but i'm only 13 years old OTL
But i wish you all the luck in the whole world for you and your mother!
Good luck!!!

Euryae's avatar
I wish you all the luck in the world. Just keep hope alive!
mikay5000's avatar
I REALLY wish I had a paypal account or something so I could help you out!! Youre a great artist and what youre going through by the sounds of it you dont deserve that at all, not that anyone does. Ill spread the word! Dx I really hope things start looking up for you!
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I do have to suggest that you find a more reliable job, either you or your mother. That would be the best way to make money in your situation. My heart goes out to you, and I wish to offer you my prayers.
My parents are attempting to find renters for relatively cheap housing here in the US. There are also a lot of "day jobs" available here in "Smalltown", Washington. If you were interested in moving into the US, I would be more than happy to help you start a good life here :)
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Holy.. I fell so bad for you. I wish i could do something to help you. I will try to commission you. Now, i will post on my DA that you are commissioning.

Best wishes for you.-


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