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High Resolution Tamriel map (Elder Scrolls series)

Location  Tamriel
UPDATE - March 30, 2020: 8 years later, I'm back! And with great news: I've decided to enable the purchasing of prints, after doing some research and checking that all the resources I used are under the Creative Commons license that allows for commercial use (and because I'm an independent artist in dire need of money to pay my bills). I really hope all of you who have asked for prints over the years enjoy the map.
I've also opened up a RedBubble shop where you can find the map on lots of products aside from prints: notepads, bags, mats, duvets, clocks, phone cases, pillow cases, laptop covers, and many more!:…


This is a -very- high resolution map of Tamriel from the Elder Scrolls game series. I made it in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

I prioritised aesthetics over detailed information, so I left out rivers, small villages, and mountains' and forests' names (it was meant to be hung on my bedroom wall as a big nice map, and definitely not to be used as a source of information while playing the games).

The text included is the foreword to the fictional book "Pocket Guide to the Empire, Third Edition"(…). This map is supposed to be part of the book and as such, it is signed by the organisation that wrote the book (the Imperial Geographic Society). The date is the (fictional) date the book was published. 

I added data which wasn't included in the original map, such as oceans, seas and small islands that were not labeled. There were also some islands who didn't even appear in the original map, so I drew them from scratch.


1. "The map seems imprecise / does not coincide with the map in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!"

Firstly, as I said, this is not meant to be used as a detailed source of info or guide for when you're playing, just as a nice decorative map to hang on your wall.
Secondly, I based my map on the low-res map included with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (literally, the retail version of the game when it first came out included a print of that map). The events in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion take place around 3E 433, and the "Pocket Guide to the Empire, Third Edition" is meant to have been published in 3E 432, while the events in Skyrim take place around 4E 201. It stands to reason that lots of things should happen in between the two games and naturally, that is reflected in the maps (think of the real world, wars and shit). Also, old-timey maps tend to be imprecise. Deal with it.

2. "Please do this or other map"

I'm flattered that you liked this one, but unfortunately I don't currently have the time. I will consider your suggestions for the future, though.

3. "Can you tell me the actual size of the map for my print?"

The real size (and max size you can get without things becoming blurry) is 120 x 75 cm (or 47.24 x 29.52 inches / 7087 x 4429 pixels), 150 DPI. You should use the PNG file to avoid the compression and quality loss that usually occurs when saving as JPG (unless you know what you're doing). You need to give the print place the exact size and they will tell you which paper types they can print it on according to sheet or roll size.


All the cool stuff I used:

Calligraphy brushes…
- city icons

Distressed brushes…
- Used to add texture to the background paper

Waterstains brushes…
- Used to add texture to the background paper

Compass Rose tutorial…
- Same compass rose

Banner + Scrolls brushes…
- "Tamriel" banner


You are very welcome to feature it in DeviantArt groups, a blog, a wiki, or whatever as long as you credit me (with a link back here or my DeviantArt profile). And please let me know you uploaded it and where to. I'ts important to me to know where my stuff is. If you see this somewhere else being claimed by someone as their own (with or without any modifications to the file), please, notify me by PM.
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Hi there, I love this map so much! Is the PNG file available to purchase? I cannot find it in the shop (there are only prints) and I do not see the arrow under premium content :(

Thanks <3

Hi, is there a digital download still available to buy?

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Hello! Sorry for the late reply. I think it is under "premium content" (arrow with a $ symbol on it), not under "BUY". Cheers

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i am also looking for a digital print... and i cannot fond the "premium content" arrow for the life of me :stare: help!

also, this is on Amazon:

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Hi, on etsy this work is sold. Are the account is yours?

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No, it's not mine. Thanks for letting me know

Its mentioned there's a buyable download, where can i find it, please? :)

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Hi Sophia!
I am a huge fan of the elder scrolls and came across your art looking for a map for my dorm. I understand why you took it down, but was wondering if there is any way I might request that file from you? This is exactly what I was looking for, I almost paid $50 for a print before I found your page and realized what was going on. I appreciate your time, cheers!
Looking for a gift for my son, it's beautiful <3

Thanks for your labor of love!
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Amazing map! Thank you for letting people use it! I had this printed out on fabric for a wall hanging
The photo doesn't really do it justice.  It came out beautifully and the text on the left is all legible.
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A truly marvelous map.
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Good morning from Berlin!

That is such a great map of Tamriel! It's amazing!
The perfect picture for my Let's Read series on YouTube.

I credit your picture in my video and in the video description.…

Lots of greetings from Germany,

Max Broda
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Using here, with credit in the footer:…

Absolutely beautiful! You don't know how frequently I've looked for (and failed to find) a decent high-res map of Tamriel!
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Just wanted to say thanks for making this :) I needed a happy place to be when I'm having a stressful day at work.  I printed out a 11"x17" of this on the office printer and now when I'm having a bad day, I can just imagine I'm in Elden Root :)
Belhene's avatar
Haha, that's nice to hear! Glad to have been of help :P
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Hey dude, Thank you so much for making this map and giving it free for fans, i totally love it and got it printed on my wall:…

Best wishes!
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Thanks! Glad you liked it
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 This is beautiful work and I've love to hang it in my home. Your font doesn't match the other writing in the piece, though - it's too light, and it's almost indecipherable on top of such a busy background. Is there a version which doesn't have the text excerpt?? While I really like that you used it, the font you used is SO light that it's unreadable in a finished print of anything smaller than your max resolution. I'd be happy to transcribe the writing on my own time  so you don't have to do extra work - but would you be willing to shared the PSD? Or a jpg with the writing (talking about the exerpt on the left) turned off? 
Belhene's avatar
Hello! Sorry to hear that! I printed it in max res and it reads OK. Unfortunately, I lost the original PSD file when my old HD died, as I mentioned in one of the comments below =(.
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Bummer! Well thanks for posting such a beautiful map for download. :) Sorry to hear of the loss of your HD, I know how that feels.  Thanks for getting back to me!
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The Elder Scrolls VI : Valenwood comfirmed :3
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