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Meet Singe. Another drawing of mine, come moderately to life.
I drew his guy a long time ago, first as a doodle at some pokemon tournament when i was just starting.
Then i officalized him in my book of drawings.

about 3-4 years old 
A bluish black
blaze, stocking and sock as well a a little white spot on his back right knee.
His tail is a cross between a unicorn and a regular horse. More horse like than unicorn.
He has long, white fangs

Singe was born in the great wilderness, unlike his older brother, Hinge. Safe in his father, Utaxies' grotto with his mother, Felicia ( Mom's name will probably change i can't remember what name i gave her. :P ) and his older brother, Hinge. Of the two of the colts, Singe was the more playful one. One day, his mother's owners found them and took the parents. Felicia ordered Hinge to run and not look back, Singe, not moving until Utaxies shouted the same order at him. Singe travels with his older brother, the two of them wandering the woods in search of a home,and their parents.

Singe is still a curious youngster at heart and is always playing tricks and pranks on poor old Hinge.
He loves a good game of chase or chase the random critter. even if the ''critter'' is a moose
He often gets quite distracted/entranced if and when he sees his reflection in something.

I'll probably add more if i think of it.

The background is mine, probably not up on DA

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