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Ed Edd n Eddy Alignment Chart

Just one of the DnD Motivationals I did for Ed Edd n Eddy.

LG: Edd - This should be rather self explanatory.
NG: Nazz - She tries her hardest to be friends with everyone, and is generally the nicest one in the cul-de-sac.
CG: Ed - He means well and loves his friends dearly - he's also a destructive force of nature.
LN: Rolf - His strict adherence to his traditions is fitting.
N: Eddy - Big Picture Show showed us he isn't really a bad person. However normally he is simply selfish and all about him.
CN: Johnny - The definition of free spirit.
LE: Kevin: This is a bit of a stretch as Kevin isn't really that Evil. He definitely is something of an authority figure for the others and has his moments of being a real jackass.
NE: Eddy's Brother - This guy is pure evil. Nothing else to be said.
CE - Kanker Sisters - They maim and torture for their own happiness.
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Eddy's Brother makes Kevin, Sarah, and even Lee and Marie Kanker look like angels in comparison; and that's saying something!