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haven't coloured like this in a while and I wanted to draw nonsense cloth again :/

one of these days I should at least attempt to make neat lines ...

and that mouth is bothering me bigtime I need to fix that
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I love this soooo much!!!!
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I didn't know your work but for my last order the customer wanted a coat for a LARP inspired by your lovely illustration.
Here is the result :…
I hope you will like it !
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(omg can ask who commissioned it? out of curiosity ha ha :3c )
bel-by-the-sea's avatar
AAAAAAAAH It looks so beautiful!! thanks for showing me! :heart::heart:
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Great if you appreciate :D
The girl who commissioned it is just a young larper that I know by a friend :)
As I know it's difficult to keep work respected, especially illustrations, I wanted to know who did this work in order to mention it, and then I found you here !
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Beautiful lighting and folds :heart:
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my goodness you colour soo well. And your lighting is always soo well placed and executed. Im soo envious:iconuhuhuhuplz:
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yay nonsense cloth XD

it looks awesome!
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Astounding! What gorgeous, rich tones and flowing fabric! I am so impressed by the high detail, especially the golden embroidery, his graceful posture and the overall composition of this piece! 
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I definitly Watch you, this is amazing. I'm particularly fan of you way of colouring, the mood you give by the balance between light and shadow :excited: rvmp  
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Screw neat lines bro D:<
Messy all the way!
said the person trying to eliminate lines completely...
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the movement of the cloth is fantastic
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i really love the pattern on the clothes * - *
bel-by-the-sea's avatar
patterns are always fun to draw ha ha
thanks so much!
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Nah, I love everything in it >w< Design, colors... :love: Amazing! :love:
bel-by-the-sea's avatar
that means a lot - cheers! :heart:
Goka1999's avatar
You're welcome! :la:
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Stunning! I love your style,everything looks so perfect! <3
bel-by-the-sea's avatar
I'm glad! thanks a bunch!!
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that's awesome, I love the clothes and colours. :heart:
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