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Manga Studio/Clip Studio: Vine Brush

I spent fucking 3 hours looking for some decent vine brushes for my character and some fanarts to no avail.
So here are 4 brushes, free to use. Tell the other brushes to kiss their ass- X'D

:new: Edit: I forgot to fix the thorn brush to grayscale while making it causing the colors to be undetectable TvT; 
I fixed the file now and here is the separate file for those who downloaded it already;

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Nice stuff! thank you!

I keep getting an error, any chance of you uploading it to clip studio asset store?

thank you so much:D

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They are so beautiful. A great great thanks <3

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heyo some thorns are not in the file why?
also do you have any tutorial to make a brush?
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These are amazing thank you

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Thanks! These are awesome!

Is there a way to use them without the white? With only the lines?
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Hallo thank u so much, this is helpfull, i don't have much time to make same brush like this n make my work faster with your brush thank, i looking some like this yeeiii found it <3
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Yessss!!!!! Just what I was looking for... so now I say " kiss me arse other brushes!"  thanks so much!
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Hello! So my girlfriend runs an online business called Fandlemonium, and we were looking for a vine texture for one of our candle labels and I found your brushes! Would it be alright to use this brush on the label?
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Sorry for the late reply, but yes, it's fine!
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Thank you very much! :heart:
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these look amazing <3 thank you!
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omg I love you. THANK YOU.
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DL! these are really beautiful *-* ty for sharing 
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I downloaded! Thank you!
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I love you for these!! Thank you!!
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thank you dude 
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oh my god tha n k y o u
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Thank you for your sharing!
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