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I had an idea of a character like this for quite a while now. I suddenly had this idea and wanted to make another one, was worried in case I had too many characters to keep track of, but it's fine. :w00t!:
She is in the SAA Rp! ^_^

Character Name
Argentine [pronounced: Are-jen-teen]


Half Saiyajin/Half Demon

Her family have long ago ceased to exist...

Argentine is partly saiyajin and so has a tail of one but as she has demon blood inside her, her hair and fur have taken on the red with black tints in it and on the ends. She has long, red hair and longer fur than normal on the end of her tail. She has deep purple eyes and has tribal/racial tattoo markings over her ears and down till halfway down her spine, which she was born with. She wears light clothes to conflict against what she actually is because she prefers it. She is quite muscular, tricking most people by judging by her appearance as not that muscular but secretly, she is very, very strong.

Argentine is one that speaks rarely or doesn’t speak at all. She is quiet, shy and intimidated easily but also has hidden powers that she doesn’t choose to ever want to use. She doesn’t think much of herself and keeps her head down, never boastful about any of the qualities she’ll ever admit to have. Her naivety is at a high level too and she is a very gullible person too, sometimes far too trusting and other times, always tense as to trust no one. She loves to meet people but can have a hard time talking to them, loves making new friends and doesn’t have any enemies at all. She loves nature and spends most of her time outside, sitting in the sun and watching the plants, animals and people. She has a calm nature about her too and she does like a fight a two, but doesn’t crave for it, always worried about others. She loves to help people too and never has a bad thing to say.

Brief History
Argentine’s parents were immortal enemies of one another. Thousands of years ago when the saiyajin’s took on legendary forms and became very powerful, demons were another obstacle as well as the saiyajins, to them. There raged huge, lengthy wars that wiped out others in the process. It never seemed to end when the Anti-God took immediate control over the war and he soon captured the saiyajins. A legendary saiyajin couple had been amongst those who were caught and the woman was pregnant at the time. The Anti-God withdrew the unborn children or ones under the age of 5 to become like his army, part demon. The Anti-God tried hard to draw the whole saiyajin out of those but could never get rid of what they were, no matter what the young saiyajin children went through. The one’s unborn were mostly effected, spawn directly from the Anti-God himself was put into the mix to effect their growth and make them become more demonic than ever! Argentine...then, known as Zurr. She was born with wings of the demons and the tattoos spinning their way down her back. She was no longer aware other saiyajin abilities. She was very powerful as a baby but unexpected encounters caused the Anti-God to contain his demon so called ‘offspring’ and send them out into the universe, awaiting them to be born again with their abilities intact. Argentine was then travelling for thousands of years in her pod, freezing her body from ever ageing until it reached impact on Earth.
She was found falling through the atmosphere in flames and rumours of ‘an angel of hell’ fall from the skies and the authorities then took her in, still unconscious. She was killing soldiers even when out cold still and they said her to be exactly what the rumours were and they cursed her from existing, taking her away and throwing her in the sea to drown. She awoke from consciousness to find herself in a holy place and straight away, it conflicted with her ‘infection’ of the demon jeans and it pushed it deep inside her so it would never get out. It was then when she was named Argentine. She was then brought up their, learning new things and hearing about angels and knowing exactly about who she was and what she was...that she was the opposing creature of something so amazing. She hated herself for it and thought herself as a disgusting existence. She wanted to have nothing to do with her past and the Anti-God so she carried on with learning and had training to control her demon powers. She dresses completely opposite to what she is and living in peace had made her a better person...not a violent, vulgar fighter. She still trains a lot with her saiyajin powers and is proud of who she was made as, her bloodline.
She also still holds the tattoos of long ago which was cruel as to not let her forget her major power inside of her...
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btw awsome story line and description.
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:thumbsup: awsome job!
:flame:she's blazen hot :drool:
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Thats awsome i love her hair colour. she reminds me of a friend i know.
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She's really pretty!
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finallyyyyyyyyyyyyy i can comment!!!! oh oh oh the lovely argentine!!! what can i say new??

i lvoe her hair! and her outfit!!! awesome job girl!!!! :D
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yay!!! Thnk yu so much!!! :glomp: Yeah, glad yu like it, seeign as though...yu knowXDDD
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ARt may have a new mate lol. Hes a saiyan/demon to. Hey, will you do me a fav and ask the admin of SAA when I can rejoin please?
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oh is she free. i have someone on SAA that is perfect
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I love the outfit. Nicely done! :D
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I'm lovin her hair. :XD:
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Half Saiyajin and half Demon? Like my Mahei! I think they could be friends... :XD:
Btw, I love so much her hair! And what a good personality... I think I'll *adore* her!
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O_O omg she looks just like my blaze! just her bangs are different and the eye color O_O so weird cuz i was just drawing a pic of Blaze for christmas!! omg we should rp the two of them XD!! it would be like they are lookin in a mirror!!
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She looks fantastic! I dig her out fit and her conceptual design, you have quiet the knack for this!
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O.o really cool love the hair. I think a saiyajin/demon is a perfect combo. Really Cool!!
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She's gorgeous! I :heart: her!!
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dude i just fell in love she is great :D
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Omg, she's gorgeous!. I love her hair, it's SO pretty ^^, the more characters the merrier hehe in your case especially. All your characters are so creative ^^.
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