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TF - Miracle Grow

I guess a plant tf is my first thing of 2018
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Love it. Need to do more.
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I’m glad you enjoy it :)
i love that the flower grows from the nipple ^^ reminds a old plant-girl design i made somewhere years ago, in which the young plant dryads had a flat chest, and when they were young (or rather in spring season) their breasts were just buds, then opening into flower, and then in summer they had ripe fruits as breasts xD
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Thanks :D I'm glad I added it in, people seemed to really jive with it =P
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I've been looking for this one. Finally found it again. Awesome job :)
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I'm glad you found it :D were the tags ok?
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Yup. There are just a bunch of plant girls to sift through :p
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your best posts are the non-animal transformations in my opinion, they're just perfect!
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Well thank you :) Any particular reason for your favoritism?
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they're just more uncommon, and unusual!
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Probably a full plant, might even lose her capacity to think if she loses her brain. Ultimately there won't be evidence that a girl even existed in the first place.

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Awesome plant tf, would like to see her final form. Well done.
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Her nipple became a flower lol
quite well drawn; a neat pic

now she is in rarefied company...Dr. Pamela Isley, Dr. Reginald Bushroot, um who became Swamp Thing?
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Alex Holland became or depending on the Reboot was the template for Swamp Thing.

Depending on the writer, you also have a Black Orchid as a plant based heroine too.

And one mustn't forget their teacher (depending on which Reboot of the DC universe you're at), Jason Woodrue aka Plant Master, aka Floronic Man, aka Floro, aka the Seeder (you get the impression the man needs a hobby beyond being a plant based super villain?) 
Wonder it will be like if bees start getting on those flowers?
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This is AMAZINGLY good!!!
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What will happen to her?
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