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I thought that it would be a good time to share some resources on how to tell whether or not you are bisexual, how to come to terms with your orientation, and how to share it with your friends and family. Please, if you have any more links or personal opinions, feel free to share! :)

Please note that most of these resources are targeted toward women. Of course, they can be applied to any gender identity, but if you know of any resources targeted toward men, make sure to share them with us!


Accepting & Feeling Pride:…………


All of the Above:………

That's all I have time to search through at the moment... I hope this helps you! Even if you have come to terms and shared your sexuality, these are still interesting articles!

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im not sure... ive always liked boys but lately ive been really confused about girls, i have alot of girls as friends (due to being a girl myself) and i was thinking about how i have feel kinda attracted to a girl, i dunno wether its my inner monologue going mental and over thinking things or its a genuine thought... the links are useful, thanks!