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Updated Oct. 14, 2013

Q: Why do you only accept bisexual/bicurious members?
Acceptance of only bisexual members has been an ideal in our group from the beginning. By no means is this a movement to seclude ourselves from any other communities or people; it is simply a step to create a safe environment for those who are like-minded. In groups for writers or photographers, only writers and photographers are invited to join. Why should we be any different? Bisexual and pansexual people deserve a place where they can be themselves, without any of the prejudices and stereotypes that are prevalent in both the gay and straight communities.

Q: Why was I denied from joining the group?
From September 18, 2011 to October 28, 2011, the policy was to not accept any members that did not clearly demonstrate having read the rules in the note which automatically comes up when you try to join the group. Unfortunately, this rule was not met with a very positive reception, and so we now accept all applications for membership. Those who clearly state that they are bisexual/questioning are very much appreciated, but you will no longer be denied as a member of the group for ignoring the suggestion to say so.

Q: What kind of art may I submit?
We only accept art that has to do with bisexuality. It can get a bit vague, but as long as it has something to do with your sexuality and your identity (or that of your bisexual characters) and it's high quality work, it should be accepted. If you're ever unsure, you can always ask. That being said, I have to turn down a lot of artwork because it's unoriginal/not enough effort has been put into it. If it's just a paint drawing with the words "i like being bisexual" on it or something, it will not be accepted. Take a look at the reasons why submissions are most frequently denied, and keep that in mind when you submit! We do not currently accept memes of any variety.

Q: What happens if my sexual identity changes?
Lots of people have their identity evolve and change as they get to know themselves better. Please leave our group as a member, but feel free to continue watching us. This is a home for bisexuals to share their talents, but we're glad for any amount of time you spent with us on your journey.

Q: Who can I talk to about _____?
Questions about how the group is run, deviation queries, and general questions about bisexuality may be sent to jmmlewis.
Questions about the groups rules and resources can be forwarded to KnittedBunny.
Questions and worries that you're seeking advice on can be sent to DeeTay, our support team leader.
Questions about the Facebook group can be sent to jmmlewis or the forthcoming FB moderators.

Q: Why was my submission denied?
All submission denials can be contested in the comments section of the submission process. There are a myriad of reasons I don't accept deviations, including: useless erotica/smut, lack of effort shown, poor structure in literary pieces, topics unrelated to bisexuality. That being said, my decision is final, and I will no tolerate members getting fussy over it. If you are rude in your questioning of why a deviation was denied, I will not hesitate to ban you from the group.

We're always looking for more help in terms of links, interesting articles, conversation points, etc. - so if you're interested in taking on an administrative position, either comment here or send a Note to jmmlewis!

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Would we be able to ask you why our art was denied in a critique sort of way?