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She thought that the girl was her friend.
She had trusted the young "Lady", trusted Olivia with her life.
Olivia had been her "friend" for the last five months.
For five months the teenage girl had held and kept the mermaid's trust.
She hadn't brought over a single soul since the day the pair met on that rocky shoreline.
Until today.
Ariadne placed her hands against the glass of the water filled jar as she stared into the light brown eyes of her one time friend.
She wanted, needed to know why her friend had betrayed her trust. Why her confidant had broken her promise...
The laughter and excited jabber of Olivia's teenage friends echoed in her ears.
For more than three hundred years the existence of mermaids, her people, had been a well guarded secret. They had managed to keep themselves from the prying eyes of man.
But now, thanks to Ariadne's misplaced trust, mortals had seen her and soon, she feared so would the rest of their kind. What then would become of her and her people...
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The cost of curiosity.
Amazing but poor trapped being!
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Is there a story to this? If not, there should be :p
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Excellent comic Love illustration 
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I feel so bad for her :(
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She'll learn to love it, don't worry.
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Never know  what you'll find at the beach.
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So awesome! I love the colors!
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Your gallery is so wonderful, I see the curiousness and sadness yet beautifulness in this image. I love mermaid art..your details with the shells are super cool :heart: :star:
beiibis's avatar
Wow, thank you so much :) 
rainvine's avatar

That is too cute!!!

Man and this is exactly how I'd treat her, shame on me. But I'd let her gooo... :3 

Your style is so fab
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ta syrena ma zdecydowanie za gruby i za dlugi ogon.
podoba mi sie pomysl i wykonanie, szczegolnie ta mala dziewczynka, wyglada jak maddie ziegler z teledysku do chandelier : D
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W sensie, złapałaś przed chwilą jakąś syrenkę i porównałaś? ;) 
helloimdancer's avatar
nie, ale wydaje mi sie ze lepiej wygladalby jakby byl chudszy. ._.
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A może on jest chudszy, a woda+krzywizna słoika działają jak lupa...? @_______@
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Świetnie opowiadasz historie swoimi pracami :D
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Awww. :(

I hope that they set the -literally- little mermaid free in the ocean.

Marvelous work!  I love the shading, shadows and texture of the waves and foams.

I hope that you have a great and blessed day!
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Oh noes, I feel so bad for her :(
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