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Takh'Ruk Ref Sheet

A terrible legendary creature who was once Dyiinh but the gods turned him into a monster as a punishment for his bad deeds. He lives in the mountains in an area called Null. They say that he's huge like ten camels lined up in a row and the blast of his wings causes storms. He is distinguished by his impetuosity, hunger and eternally insatiable lust.
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Jan 1, 4501, 12:00:00 AM
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Adamarcymag's avatar
>Dej ptakowi uszy i klate.
M5Transmissions's avatar
Woah, this creature looks amazing!
Also, lust? Woe to the creature that stumbles upon him...
Chepseh's avatar
Heh, Null means zero in Germany. Kinda fitting.

Who can satisfy his lust, though...? :fear:
Libra1010's avatar
 Sounds like a thoroughly alarming sort of neighbour! (also VERY Rock & Roll).
manlymarshmallow's avatar
I absolutely adore the design and mythological story behind it, the   expressions are so cool too. I love this.