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Korra Dumpage

WHEW finally finished this. Welp, here ya go DA, in honor of the greatest animated kids show of all time (in my opinion)
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Good girl Asami. Now no one will steal Korra from you
Ghoulian's avatar
The zuko one- sooo many feels!
ambuwambu's avatar
In the generator one, do you know that her design was actually based of Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist?
devil001's avatar
Lin: "that's it, mom I'm kicking your butt, nobody help"

10 seconds later

Cathlena's avatar
hahahaha XD that is more than likely to happen next XD
blueeyesaf's avatar
Oh God Toph would totally saw something like that. 
mivpus's avatar
Toph's "Get me some grandkids KTHX!" was just priceless
ramirogalletti's avatar
I am sure bolin will end up with korra, I mean aang was the "soft guy" and got katarra, same stuff but earthbender in place of airbender and the chick is the avatar
Cynderthedragon5768's avatar
you should make a 'how-to-draw-humans' tutorial<3 you're arts awsome!
jsclvscmc's avatar
love toph in this!
AVatarKorrra's avatar
Oh Toph you just HAVE to interrupt your daughter's first kiss
ComicyArtistia's avatar
I laughed for a good five minutes at Toph...Twinkle Toes Jr....
MountainLygon's avatar
And now we know why Tenzin and Lin ultimately broke up. The pressure was too much.
apreciativenonartist's avatar
Too great
Asami's face haha
ValkeryMillenia's avatar
Awesome. Love the one with Zuko and the one with Toph.
PonchoFirewalker01's avatar
Twinle toes jr.? HAHAHA!!! Oh yeah, I can SOOO see Toph saying that XD
makorragal312's avatar
I didn't know that Mako always thought about Korra's boobs! Perv
ZachValkyrie's avatar
:iconzukoplz:...wanna know how he got those scars?
Ginko-333's avatar
I love the bits with Toph and Zuko!
Shadow-Hunter-Is-In's avatar
....grandkids.... Haha, hate when parents do that.
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