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  • July 13, 1989
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Hello! I'm Jenna, also known as TamarinFrog. Founder of BananaFly trade name.

I'm Finnish artist and I like frogs and cheese. I'm also currently into bottles, glass art and anything glass related.

Deviantart is one of my oldest platforms of posting art and this is still a place I enjoy using. I do fan art and fan comics. But my main passion and project right now is my original comic series, Bottled Up. I also stream art and games.

Hope you'll enjoy!

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Personal Tumblr

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Bottled Up Tumblr

Bottled Up in Tapas


Picarto: art streams

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Favourite Movies
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Favourite TV Shows
Gravity Falls, Avatar The Last Airbender...Vinesauce (totally counts)
Favourite Games
Mario, Pokemon, Pikmin, Smash Brothers, Animal Crossing etc
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Consoles
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Intuos Pro and Mozzarella Cheese
Other Interests
Insects, Glass and glass related items
Hello! Just to clarify BUP update schedule! Yesterday, the cover of the next chapter went up for patreons and next Tuesday, 12th, they'll get the first page. Then, on 19th the both cover and first page will be uploaded publicly. I need some extra
This will never go out of style!

Sticker Business

Sticker Business

This retro week has made me feel nostalgic and think about the fads at the time. So what was I really into as a kid? Easy answer would be pokemon, but there's something else I'd like to mention: stickers! Stickers and sticker books was a must have in my girl friend group. We all had our books full of stickers and we would show them off. And I learned how to do business thanks to these things. We traded stickers like crazy just before the class started. And the more special the type of sticker, the more valuable it was. The golden edged and soft ones were really valuable! I remember trying to get my friend to trade me this big unicorn Pegasus with golden edges for a long time, haha. I did have the biggest collection of round shaped holo stickers. I was really proud of that collection. Shame I don't think I still have those sticker books saved...


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Question: What art programs do you use?


I use Adobe Photoshop CC. And wacom intuos pro as my drawing tablet.

Hi~! :wave:

Thank you! I've been searching around for good art programs to use for my art. I've only got Paint.net right now...

No problem! Tho I do have to point out that photoshop is on the expensive side (tho you could get the subscription for a year and see how you like it).

I can recommend some other digital art programs. Fire alpaca is a great free digital art program and so is krita. I've done stuff with them both in the past and they were great.

For paid programs, I know many of my friends use and love Clip Studio Paint. It's one time buy and often goes on sale.

woah you're art is amazing!! It's perfect for a comic series!!

I really want to read the one you're working on rn! :DDD <333

Thank you kindly. Glad you think so.