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We just experienced the worst tropical storm in Manila for at least 20 years.

Hurricane Katrina rainfall = 380mm in Louisiana
Typhoon Ondoy rainfall = 410mm in Manila

That's about a month's worth of rainfall, in only six hours.

In areas, floods are deep enough to swallow up large vehicles. There are houses that are completely submerged. Thousands are stranded, some only having the roofs of their houses to stand on, with no decent shelter, food osr clean water. Among those people are infants, pregnant women, handicapped individuals and the elderly. Many have lost their homes and all of their material possessions. And there are some who have lost things that cannot be replaced - family members, friends, loved ones. Hundreds of lives gone, and each one followed by a long chain of broken hearts, belonging to the ones they left behind.

People I know are sick with worry. They have friends who have not been heard from since the typhoon hit. I pray they're all safe. Some of the places that got struck the hardest are places that are familiar to me. I know some of them will never be the same again.

Here are some images I gathered from different sources while trying to follow updates about Typhoon Ondoy (or Typhoon Ketsana to some of you). They're like scenes from a disaster film, but this is all very real.


This is a road I would pass everyday to get to school.


I didn't think I would ever see Katipunan like this. I was just here the day before. This is terribly unsettling.



At 1:24 you can see how the flood swallowed up a van

But that's only from a place that the flood slightly affected.


Those are power lines and the tops of houses. There are three-story buildings that were submerged by the flood.


A man uses plastic containers to stay afloat in floodwaters

Men struggling with their sources of livelihood. I also hope the horse made it through alright.





Entrance to the subway in Manila's business district.






Inside a morgue in the town of Tanay, Rizal, east of Manila, a relative reacted after confirming the identity of a loved one killed by the floods.

These last three... I can't even bear to look at them again.

Though it seems they were too late.

from Philippine Aid
This isn't them, but I heard that they found the bodies of two siblings hugging under a deep pool of mud. And there are other stories of dead families found hugging each other in their own homes.

Ondoy's Aftermath
And to think there are hundreds out there like her.

I live far from where the typhoon made the most damage so it's safe here for now, and all my friends and relatives seem to be okay. (Thank you though to those of you who wrote to me out of concern. I really appreciate it.) But this is my country, this is my home, these are my people.

No good deed is too small, so if you want do anything to help those who are in need, please do.

Ondoy Situation Maps



Let us pay our respects to local heroes like Muelmar Magallanes, an 18-year-old construction worker who braved rampaging floods in the Philippines to save more than 30 people, but ended up sacrificing his life in a last trip to rescue a baby girl and her mother who were being swept away on a styrofoam box. A lot of people can live on because of him, and his memory will continue to be honored by many.

Although we can't all just dive in there like he did, there are a lot of little things we can do to make a difference. Let's take these opportunities to volunteer and donate, or even just to offer prayers or well-wishes. I know not everyone can afford to contribute anything material, but just wishing you could help and hoping for everyone's safety means a lot.

Check on your family members or friends who may have been affected by the flood. Please take care and stay safe.

How you can help (for international donors)




  • Singapore</u>
    :bulletwhite: The drop-off point for relief goods is:
    Afreight Cargo #03-09 Lucky Plaza Orchard Road
    Contact: Maureen Schepers at 6235-1011/91117855

    :bulletwhite: More info and drop off points:…
  • Hong Kong</u>
    Here's how you can help:
    :bulletwhite: Ateneo Almuni Association HK is calling for donations to support relief efforts for the victims of Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) in the Philippines.
    Contact: Mike Reyes at +852.67131869

    :bulletwhite: Relief efforts in Hong Kong for Ondoy victims at Phil Consulate General conference rm,14th floor United Centre, 95 Queensway, Admiralty. 4.30pm today Tuesday, 29 Sep
  • Bangkok</u>
    The Philippine Embassy will be receiving only donations in kind (ie., used clothing, shoes, blankets, and the like, and canned goods) anytime between 9am-5pm until Fri. For queries, please contact the Philippine Embassy at (02) 259-0139 up to 40 or (08) 992-65954, or at


United Kingdom

For Philippine residents, especially in Metro Manila

If you have a Facebook account, you could repost this and include this text: There are at least 1.6 million Filipino Facebook users. Donating just P100 each to Red Cross will easily give them P160 MILLION to help in their rescue and relief operations! Just text RED (space) AMOUNT and send to 2899 for Globe or 4483 for Smart.

"May I post links to this journal entry?"

Since people have been asking - YES, by all means, go right ahead. I greatly appreciate your concern and efforts to raise awareness.


"Bayanihan comes from the root word bayani – which means “hero”. In the literal sense, bayanihan means to be a hero to one another. That’s exactly what this country needs. Not just in this hour of darkness, but every single day of our lives."
- from batangdagat (click link to read the entire post)

Here's a sliver of positive light during these dark days:

[caught on TV]
A man rescued in a rubber boat asked, "28 na ba ngayon?" (Is it the 28th today?)
Cameraman replies with, "Opo, 28." (Yes sir, 28.)
The man somberly replied, "Birthday ko na pala." (Oh. Apparently it's my birthday.)
Rescuers who were paddling hard turned to him in surprise before slowly singing, "Ha...ppy... to you..."

Even in the midst of devastation the Filipino spirit never ceases to acknowledge and celebrate the gift of life.

- from Pinoy Tubmlr


:new: Thank you so much to those who have already donated! You guys sure acted fast, I was completely surprised. Your generosity is overwhelming, I don't know how else to show my gratitude. And not just to those who donated cash, but also to everyone who simply wished us well and expressed the desire to help. Gah, I'm crying.

And I know a lot of you must be having your own struggles so you don't have to force donations if you can't afford it, and you don't have to give up all you have if it will cause you a lot of trouble. It warms my heart to know that people out there can be so selfless, but I'd like you guys to take care of yourselves as well!

Thank you so much to everyone. I'm actually terrified right now because there are more storms coming, but your kindness gives me so much hope.

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wolfifi's avatar
Can I link this to my journal?
you dare question the powers of nature?
ravenette311's avatar
I'm sorry for what is happening over there, what I went through here in US once upon a time does not even compare, I will keep you all in my prayers, please be safe.
bolsadepapelsan's avatar
omg!! i didn't know that happened D:
how can i help?? where can i go to donate sth??
my stupid country isn't doind anything D':
stay safe!! take care!! :meow:
kawaiiRoChii's avatar
i'm gonna go donate more >.> poor children . . . T^T
Phenoca's avatar
I donated my $18. Thank you for letting us know! (I heard about this from 'No Rest for The Wicked'.)
kiri-chii's avatar
that's just sad.....
i-i hope they rest in peace, and that everyone will pull through alright.
keeper-of-knowledge's avatar
I'm crying for you. You, and those who lost their lives.

Please excuse me, I'm too emotional to formulate a rational response right now.
Galactia-3000's avatar
I just wanted to comment to say that my prayers are with and have been with the Philippines since you posted this, and to thank you for doing so. I didn't hear anything about this from the news media that I connect with, which was surprising to me considering the size of the disaster. I live in the U.S, I'm totally broke/have no credit card, can't get money from my parents, and don't have a drop-off center anywhere near me, but I'm still trying to figure out some way for me to help. When Katrina hit my country I was too young to feel I could do something, or understand entirely, so I appreciate you putting up links for ways to help this time around. Even if I'm not even remotely Filipino, we're all still human.
bisous-noirs's avatar
Your thank you at the end of this journal gives me so much hope too, to know that there are people out there willing to help. We are trying to raise money for this cause too at our university, I appreciate that you are using your popularity to reach out to so many people. Well done :)
Kenshins-Soul's avatar
I'm glad you and your friends plus yours and their families are safe and sound. But it's terrible with the loss of lives.

Someone I watch here on DA lives in Manila too and her house got flooded and lost all of their belongings but the whole family are still alive.

Please take good care of yourselves. :hug:

I hope your country will get well soon!
Arukain's avatar
I feel so helpless looking at these pictures over and over again...
I practically have an unbreakable attatchment to the town of Rizal.
(Refer to the second to last photo.)
Seeing that only worries me about my family there more and more.
Nithela's avatar
Hi! I just wanted to tell you about something happening in my class this week. It warmed my heart. ^__^

Yesterday, one of my classmates stood up right before our lecture, and told us about her family sending money to volunteering workers in the Philippines. The whole classroom was a flurry of movement as people gathered around her desk, turning their wallets upside-down and inside out. I couldn't see the surface of her desk when we were done. There must have been over 3000 Swedish "Kronor" (about 360 USD) on that desk :D.

Most of those people were very poor students, but every single one emtpied their wallets of what they had left without a moment of hesitation.

I felt like sharing it with you because both her family's initiative and the selflessness of my class gave me so much hope!
arahisakura's avatar
THANK YOU. <3 God bless you & your class. :) Thank you so much for everything. >w<

[ Sorry for the random reply. :) ]
I really hope you and your friends and family are ok! Especially since you posted this on the 28th. I would really like an update on how you all are doing. I can't even begin to express how much this saddens me. I suppose one thing to be thankful for is that the authorities actually came to help you guys, unlike the unfortunate people of Katrina. People must be much nicer in there than here in the US. I really wish I could donate something, anything. And it really makes me cry because I can't. My family is really not in a position to give much of anything. All I can really do is pray. So I will pray for all of the people who lost their lives, all of the people who are still out there, for everyone. I'll pray to keep all of you safe.
Skitterkins's avatar
oh i would never like to be in a flood like this :c i wish i had money i would donate
ariasgemini's avatar
i told my friends about this and also spread word to the clubs im part of. together, we're trying to find ways to raise money and basic things like blankets, food, and such. i hope things get better for everyone that has been affected so much by the typhoon soon... =(
darkscarygothicotaku's avatar
;A; omg i didnt knoe it was this srs im so sorreeee OTL

i cant send moneys cause im broke rite nao TAT but imma pray for all the survivors
menDUDU's avatar
Squig-O's avatar
Praying so hard for you guys, stay safe.
AngelsArcher's avatar
Wow... Katipunan looks like a mess... I can understand how you felt. I've had the same with the tsunami in Indonesia and surrounding area. Apparently, most of the time I leave a country it's being hit by some major disaster. And I felt like my heart stopped beating when I heard a bomb went off in Bali when my brother was there. He survived just because he wanted to leave the discotheque earlier. He lost his friends though.

So yes, I can very well imagine how unsettling it must've been for you. You're a lucky guy., the story about the rescued man and his birthday left me speechless. It must've been very touching, the moment they started singing with all the disaster around them. Wow.

Even though I have no religion, I'd still like to pray for the lives of the victims.
kurohiko's avatar
Thank you for listing all the places where people can donate.

I have linked this in my dA journal and an artwork calling for donations: [link] I hope you do not mind.
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