Evangelion Cosplay Photoshoot + Extra Photos!

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Evangelion Photoshoot Info

As I've mentioned in my past journal entries, El rosiael flew home from the UK and that always means lots of cosplay projects. It's been about a year since I was given the honor of being invited to one of their shoots (by Dianne DiAnkh), and I've always been thankful for that opportunity. I love the friends I've made in the Vongola Famiglia Omertà. :D

We've been quite productive the productive bunch since she came back about a month ago. Our first project for this year is a Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplay photoshoot. (No plugsuits yet, but perhaps you'll see them in the hopefully-not-so-distant future.)

That series is a classic, so truth be told, we were rather scared about attempting it. Especially El rosiael and Chi angstxiety who were to portray Asuka and Rei, respectively. They were so terrified that they weren't able to sleep on the night before the shoot. This is actually their first official cosplay (by that I mean they aren't crossplaying male characters, for once). I honestly can't see why they don't cosplay girls more often. But they're still in denial that they actually went and did that, so if you can, kindly avoid comments that are too harsh. :)

I must say, that was one of my favorite shoots. It was fun reminiscing about Eva with everyone. And it's been wonderful hearing from other Eva fans in our submissions!

:iconloon2x: Loon as Shinji Ikari
:iconangstxiety: Chi as Rei Ayanami
:iconrosiael: El as Asuka Langley Soryu
:iconmerkymerx: Miguel as Toji Suzuhara
:iconbehindinfinity: myself as Kaworu Nagisa
:icondelurianne: Mic as Misato Katsuragi
:iconkunebitt: Kune as Ryoji Kaji
:iconshinjei: Jaimee as Gendou Ikari

:iconlittlesailboat: Sandra Dans
:iconhuzafan: Erving Go
:iconstarrywhitewall: Nix De Pano
:iconishneak: Boss Mia for the afterparty pictures
and :iconxcytheria: Mary for the um... shower photos

Neon Genesis Evangelion Submissions

from my gallery :iconbehindinfinity:
Neon Genesis Evangelion by behindinfinity
First Child: Rei Ayanami by behindinfinity Second Child: Asuka Langley by behindinfinity Third Child: Shinji Ikari by behindinfinity Fourth Child: Toji Suzuhara by behindinfinity Fifth Child: Kaworu Nagisa by behindinfinity Major Misato Katsuragi by behindinfinity EVA: Rei III by behindinfinity EVA: Asuka Strikes or SORYUken by behindinfinity EVA: Delicate Like Glass by behindinfinity
EVA: Children of Chaos by behindinfinity

from Mic :icondelurianne:
NGEvangelion.LiveAction by Delurianne
.Grown-Ups. by Delurianne theNERVparty by Delurianne

from El rosiael
EVA: Cruel Angel's Thesis by rosiael EVANGELION: Humans and Angels by rosiael EVANGELION:Down a Little Hill by rosiael

from Loon :iconloon2x:

from Chi :iconangstxiety:
NGE: First and Second Children by angstxiety NGE: the fact of varying by angstxiety

from Kune :iconkunebitt:
NGE: Waiting For Tomorrow by kunebitt NGE: Angel by kunebitt NGEvangelion: Maria Marcedes by kunebitt

from Jaimee :iconrancidgravy:
Ikari Shinji by rancidgravy Ayanami Rei by rancidgravy Soryu Asuka Langley by rancidgravy Nagisa Kaworu by rancidgravy

Evangelion Omake

As always, extra photos! Credits go to the people I listed above as photographers. Some photos I left unedited, but for the others I adjusted the lighting and colors. :)

Obligatory cast photo!

One of the earliest shots of the day, taken by Sandee littlesailboat.
I swear, Mic Delurianne makes such an amazing Major Katsuragi. She even has Misato's figure img408.imageshack.us/img408/68…  however exaggerated the body proportions are in Eva.

Another dawn shot by Sandee littlesailboat. Early morning lighting is lovely and calming.

We found a car that looked like it could have belonged to Misato, and of course had to take get a picture of it with Mic. XD

Rei and Asuka, perhaps on their way to school.

[hums Ode to Joy]

Us posing for a group photo of the five Children.

Erving Huzafan likes to experiment by turning up the saturation in his camera settings.
(Sandee calls it ...exsaturation :icondoublefacepalmplz:)

And now, desaturation.

Misato and Kaji

Misato is not pleased with you and your cheap tricks, Kaji.

But she'll still won't let Asuka have you.


This facial expression cannot be explained.

"Shinjiiiiiiiii! Get out of the corner of woe! I AM SO SICK of your whining!"

"Sorry, transferee. But I have to hit you. I'll never be satisfied unless I hit you."

A tribute to... KATAYAMAGELION


I creep myself out.

Rei stalking Asuka.

Asuka stalking Rei.

MY OTP. Okay, not really.

Light and shadow play.

There were nice patches of sunlight on the grass so I lay down for a portrait (and to rest a bit) while Nix starrywhitewall snapped away with her camera.

Another group photo. NERV people. OUTDOORS.

And then we discovered the wonders of El's diffusion filter.

That filter does amazing things.

It gave me wings.
(Edited version by kunebitt here)

Misato :heart:


More of Misato, because we found plants that matched the color of her hair.


...and Kaworu

...and our 'doujinshi' shot.

Why do you make us do these things? D:


...And you thought it couldn't get worse than our Death Note retirement shoot, huh?


All together now, "YES MASTER, I OBEY"

NERV Super Sentai!

Formation! Diamond Beeeeaaaaammmm!

Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Melancholy of Shinji Ikari

Afterparty at Misato's place!
(Sadly, Toji had missed out due to a run-in with a rampaging Angel-possessed Eva.)

Ah yeah, these children are in good hands.

Kaworu and Shinji blurry MySpace/Facebook-style picture.
No, I am NOT trying to get Shinji drunk enough to want to go to the bathroom again.

We're obviously just friends, see?

NERV likes to party like it's the end of the world. Because we never know when the Fourth Impact might take us by surprise.
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I just visited the Youtube link again to watch the absolute glory that is "KATAYAMAGELION" and its been blocked by bandai. If we got enough people to write to bandai saying sommit along the lines of "a while ago my friend showed me [link] and it inspired me to watch the series pleas un block it" do you think they would?

The world is a darker place without that video.