Death Note Photoshoot

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Cosplay Photoshoot FAQ & Thanks
We've answered questions and expressed our gratitude for all your kind words - read about it here. :rose:

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Hahahahaha! This totally made my day! Made by our genius L himself, merkymerx!

And I just have to say... I AM SO HAPPY THERE IS AN OH NOES EMOTICON NOW! :ohnoes:

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Current ongoing photo series: Death Note
The Death Note series is about to end, and I'd just like to thank you all again for the support, the :+fav:s, the sincere notes and comments on our photos. :blushes: It was a complete surprise to see this when I logged in this morning. I never expected we'd get this much attention. It's overwhelming, really. Thank you, thank you so much. :heart:

Aww, you guys... Please don't be sad! We've got a lot of other shoots coming up and... Maybe someday we'll do Death Note again. ^_^ We still do want to make photo reenactions of pages from the manga. And maybe manga covers, and there are certain poses we wanted to do but missed. And you still have to watch out for the video, hahaha! And who knows, we might have a bigger cast next time...

Once again we must thank Sandra littlesailboat for being a wonderful friend and photographer since day one. The group has expanded quite a bit since the first part of the shoot, and we'd like to introduce the new members of the cast.

Erving Huzafan, who is such a passionate and dedicated photographer. He was also with us during the two past cosplay photoshoots, and his work never fails to impress.

Daniel-sensei, who is the most fun professor ever, and takes amazing photos (and makes award-winning Zoids).

Faus, who was totally awesome as our bishounen Ryuk. You really blew us away when we first saw you, Faus! If you ever decide to be Ryuk again we must put those wings on you!

Kat, our pretty Naomi. It's about time you went on the other side of the lens! She shot a lot of our Yu Yu Hakusho cosplay photos, and she asks us to model for her photography assignments a lot. But as a lot of you have noticed, she's quite beautiful and really ought to spend more time in front of the camera.

Deacon DorkyDea, the perfect Matsuda. Some of you might remember him as the King of Hearts…. Well, he's stealing even more hearts now as Matsuda. Haha! Apart from portraying his character well, Deacon kept us laughing all throughout the shoot because of his antics and cheerful personality. Always fun having you around, Deacon!

Death Note Photoshoot Series

:iconbehindinfinity: from my gallery
The God of the New World by behindinfinity L is for 'Loved' by behindinfinity Sweet Death by behindinfinity Death Note: Quiet Time by behindinfinity Death Note: Only In Dreams by behindinfinity Death Note: This Is Heaven by behindinfinity Death Note: Shinigami Ryuk by behindinfinity Death Note: Misora Naomi by behindinfinity Death Note: Watcher by behindinfinity Death Note: Matsuda by behindinfinity Death Note: Sunday Morning by behindinfinity Misa-Misa's Happy Sweets by behindinfinity I Am Justice by behindinfinity Manifesto of a Killer by behindinfinity

:new: New submissions!
Death Note: Walk This Way by behindinfinity Death Note: Twilight by behindinfinity Death Note: God's Right Hand by behindinfinity Death Note: Shinigami by behindinfinity

:iconmerkymerx: Miguel has a wonderful editing style - he makes the photos look like his paintings!
:skullbones: Fuel For the Brain :+favlove:
:skullbones: The God Has Eyes
:skullbones: Fruit of a Demon's Boredom :+favlove:
:skullbones: The Day of the Fool
:skullbones: Pieta :+favlove:
:skullbones: Chill
:skullbones: Blissfully Sweet

:iconsnowpeachdrop: Photos from China's shiny new account! Her style reflects her sparkly personality, and you'll have fun exchanging comments with her! Oh, and she writes the cutest little stories to go with the photos!
:skullbones: The Second Kira :+favlove:
:skullbones: Storytime With Kira
:skullbones: Death Becomes Us :+favlove:
:skullbones: A Little Death For Logic
:skullbones: I Harth Lighth :+favlove:
:skullbones: Sweets For My Sweet
:skullbones: Was it a dream...?
:skullbones: A Kiss

:iconlittlesailboat: And don't forget to check out our photographer Sandee's gallery! Though it's in her photo journal (which she updates everyday)  that you'll find most of her photography - Missing Things.
:skullbones: I Dare You :+favlove:

Gift Art!

:iconboozeberry: made this cute chibi Death Note drawing inspired by our shoot! Awww!
:skullbones: Candy For Your Life
*pokes Ryuk's little ghostie tail* XD

Photoshoot Outtakes
:camera: We have an album for our outtakes! Check it out here:
Behind-the-scenes stuff and random siliy photos without the usual editing that we do. :aww:
I had to resize these to speed up the upload time though, because my connection is kinda wonky. Might upload more pics after I organize the files a bit!

Tuxedo Team Love!
Light :skullbones: Misa :skullbones: L :skullbones: photographer :skullbones: mascot


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I have never seen such good Death Note cosplay! This is so legit X3