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Hello, journal. It's been a while.

After many weeks of soul-draining heat, the weather has finally turned rainy. I always feel more at peace on cold, overcast days. This is turning out to be an unusual summer.

Despite the lack of formal classes, most of my friends are busy with intern work so I don't get to see them very much. We did manage to have a little reunion in time to catch Dragonball Evolution. Sweet angry jeezus, I can't believe Akira Toriyama himself was the executive producer of that atrocity. He's either gone completely mental, or is one of the world's greatest trolls. Nonetheless, at least it was at the level of awful that made it horribly entertaining, rather than just mind-numbingly dull. For you masochistic DBZ fans, I DARE recommend you to watch it! :fuzzydemon:

Land of Sleep group exhibition

One of the things that have been keeping us busy was our group art exhibit. It's something all of us have been wanting to do for a while, and an opportunity finally came. China snowpeachdrop needed to take part in one as a requirement for her graduation, and since the gallery was pretty big, she invited the rest of us to put on a show together.

It certainly was a lesson on organization and time management. No matter how well we feel we think our preparations through, things we would not expect to be of great concern managed to go haywire and give our plans a nasty bullet hole in the head. :lol: Tasks that could have taken 30 minutes to accomplish would stretch out into 4 hours. But in the end, we managed to get through it together. It felt wonderful and rewarding just to be able to showcase our paintings in a venue with our friends, family members, teachers, and everyone else who have always supported our artistic pursuits. Our sincerest thanks to everyone who dropped by our exhibit. :)

As promised, here are some photos to share the experience with those of you who could not be there due to those pesky gigantic oceans that keep our countries apart. Clear shots of the artworks themselves might come later.

photo from Paul japok

Here's a glimpse of the inside of LRI Design Plaza.
It's a really charming place, full of all sorts of art.

photo from Paul japok

Even the ceiling is fascinating.

Here's our butterfly cage installation that everyone helped make and set up.
I dare say I think it looks fantastic!

Here's Sandee littlesailboat and China snowpeachdrop, working on some rain dolls for our installations.

Most of the dolls were made in our likenesses.

And we later tied them onto the suspended branches.

China :iconsnowpeachdrop: :heart: Fran

Sandee :iconlittlesailboat: and Kat :iconmoonlightflight:

:iconceruleanmorning: :heart: :iconmerkymerx:

Charmie :iconyaoiangel14: and Isa :iconcerrure:

Rayson :iconsinag-araw:

EJ :icondinkyass:

Erving :iconhuzafan:

Essa :iconcyfliq: and Ysabel

Julia :iconbubydub:


Aww man, I seem to have failed to take pictures of everyone's dolls.

So, lastly... the RAIN doll

PFFFFFHAHA- Okay, I'll stop.

photo from Paul japok

Our sign outside the gallery, and China's bike.

photo from Paul japok

Opening night was pretty hectic. We didn't expect people to go very early, so when the first few guests arrived, we were barely done with putting up the artwork and we weren't decently dressed.

Still, we were thankful that a large number of people showed up, and at a rate of one comfortably manageable batch at a time.

photo from Paul japok

Kat moonlightflight looked stunning in her inverted white cape. :heart:

photo from Paul japok

China and Paul

photo from Paul japok

Kat and Paul

photo from Paul japok

Sandee and Paul

photo from Paul japok


photo from Paul japok

Miguel merkymerx and Sir Dan, who pops up every time there's a camera flashing somewhere

photo from Paul japok

Lots of stuff happening in the background.
But mainly, here is China enjoying a well-deserved break and some hors d'oeuvres. They were delicious, as was the chilled red wine.

Whether this behavior was caused by the aforementioned wine or from the sleepless nights prior to the exhibit opening, I am not sure. It could be both. (For those of you wondering, Miguel had to be on crutches for a while due to a bad fall he had when we went ice skating. He's okay now!)

China attempting the cruches long jump!

Yo, CFA people!

China and Fran

EJ and Fran

Miguel and his lady love.

photo from Nix starrywhitewall

We weren't kidding when we said to put on your best pajamas.
On China's head - you guessed it -  A THINKING CAP, of course!

Bell (who belongs to Nix starrywhitewall) and China, both of whom look very pretty, though only one of them is female.

Exhibit game time! Painting Interpretation Performance Art!
Basically, we try to reenact the paintings using our bodies.

EJ is the girl, and the rest of us are the flowers and leaves.
(My one eye acts up sometimes and I use an eyepatch to keep it shut. Apart from that I've been feeling rather unattractive lately so these are the few pictures I'll be including with myself in them, haha.)

Sandee and I are apparently both the child,
Dom, EJ and Nico are the wave,
China's hands are the bubbles

China is the girl,
Sandee, EJ and I are flowers,
Dom and Nico are the monitors

Sandee is the bunny girl,
China is the carrot,
Nico is the sky,
Dom is a confused puzzle piece,
and I am the land

Sandee is the circle,
Dom is the girl,
EJ and Nico are her boobs,
China's hands are the red strips,
I am the branch

Dom is the girl,
China and I are the horns,
Sandee's hand is the tattoo,
EJ and Nico are the blue wash in the background

Sandee is the girl (that has been blocked out of view)
and we are all the drips

I don't even know anymore.
I see myself appearing to freefall somewhere behind China.

The exhibit experience was mixture of stress and confusion which evolved into happy times and fuzzy feelings catching up with friends and teachers (and surprisingly some people from the cosplay community who took the time to drop by after Ozine), mixed with awesome food and wine, and a bottle of Kahlua that seemed to have emptied itself and left some of us rolling around on the floor. Good times.</cut>

Li Xingke & Tianzi Photoshoot

With all sorts of things happening in our lives, our cosplaying had hit a bit of a dry spell. (Though being preoccupied with other things is not necessarily a bad thing!) Kind of like the searing hot weather we've been having. And incidentally, these literal and figurative droughts somehow ended on the same day. The day we were scheduled to head out onto our location, it started raining. A gentle rain though, just enough to make the outdoor air cooler, so we didn't have to worry about Ysabel and Rick getting heat stroke in their costumes. :lol: There was still sufficient light, which was nicely diffused and the slight dampness made the stone floors shimmer. The place looked even more otherworldly. We usually shoot during really sunny days, which is definitely easier. But we were up for a challenge! This was a bit of a new experience for us, so I was a bit anxious at first. But I learned quite a bit and got shots I was happy with. :D Thank you, gentle sunshower.

As I had mentioned in my submission - we had a photoshoot to commemorate the beautiful (and totally not between a pedophile and jailbait *wink*) bond of the gallant, loyal Chinese military officer Li Xingke and the young, innocent Tianzi.

Code Geass: Until the End by behindinfinity

Code Geass: Beyond the Walls by behindinfinity

Promise by behindinfinity

from ✭Ysabel's gallery

Here are some extra shots and outtakes!
Photos are by me unless stated otherwise!

Love knows no age-related legal boundaries.

"THIS... IS..."


Hmm, maybe lolicon isn't so ba- NOOOOOOOOO

Rick is a guy. Rick is a guy. Rick is a guy. Rick is a guy. Rick is a guy.

Now I have quite a few good portraits of Rick but...

Ysabel had an almost troubling obsession with the fishface that day.

Good Xingke, you look kind of cool!

photo by Charmie yaoiangel14

Bah, promise shmomise!

photo by Charmie yaoiangel14

Lester the flower boy.

Still fishfacing. Lester is not pleased.

We went to T.G.I. Friday's to silence our roaring stomachs.

photo by Dom Weakman

This was Dom's meal, a Cheesy Bacon Cheeseburger.
Needs more human bean juice.

Rick and EJ had the same. That thing looked insane. It had fried mac and cheese inside. I think I'll have to try it sometime. Sorry, heart.

Here's Kat enjoying the buffalo wings, being photobombed by Ysabel and Lady Liberty.

I have some hilarious shots of Essa but I'm not sure she'd appreciate me sharing them with the general public.

I was paid good money (okay no, not really) to take pictures of Rick's suspiciously feminine and graceful hands. So of course they took it as a chance to photobomb.

And now, the more appropriate handbomb - with a special tribute to Gowkoo's Kuhmay Huhmay Huh (according to Dragonball Evolution).

Since Kat and I are trying to "eat healthy and diet" *coughyeahrightcough* we shared the Jack Daniel's Burger (there you go, Ysabel - remember that! :lol:) which had this amazing dipping sauce. Sap from the proverbial Tree of Life should taste like that. My taste buds haven't partied that hard since that time we discovered barbecue ribs pizza on empty stomachs.

I'm not sure how to bring this to a close so I leave you with this...

photo from Sandee littlesailboat


I miss you, China! Come back and be my neighbor again. :(

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SymphonyAlchemist's avatar
What are the butterflies made out of? 8D
thecarefree's avatar
Food porn, LOL.

You know what? I've been reading most of your journals, and I don't remember not laughing and feeling so bright and happy inside to all of them. :3 I WANNA GO TO PHILIPPINE SOMEDAY ;__;I have loads of friends there. o:
LMLNet's avatar
do u guys actually GO literally to the places you take these pictures? or is it a photoshop...
that temple is beautiful!!
do u live in c china or america?
Sungirl800's avatar
phillipines. Manila. There they are. Amazing, isn't it?
cookie4sai's avatar
kewl pixxxx!!!!!!!!
Chibakouru's avatar
xD D food *yum* luks so gud that I so wanna eat there sumtime ^^ Oh yeah, d artworks that all of u made was,is,and will always be COOL!!! like ur journal so much that I wanna read every single thing ^^
Infinite-Stardust's avatar
It's been a while since I've dropped by your effingly long but entertaining journal, Jin. :D I'm so glad I did. You made my day, literally.

Wao, so you guys are graduating already? And you guys had so much fun preparing for the group art exhibit! I'm studying in an art university as well but I don't think we have exhibition like that. <.< Do animation students get to do that sort of thing??

I really :heart: that bird cage installation. It's just amazing! (Suddenly I just have this urge to paint the installation in a form of wallpaper of some sort >.< )

Anyway, I'm sorry if my seemingly long comment is too long to be dropped in this place. You guys are amazing!! :heart: Even if our life gets busier in the near future but never abandon cosplaaaaaaaay. Lol.
checkjhec's avatar

can I but the Rain doll?? XD

kidding, but it was adorable :3
nschang's avatar
lol! looks like so much fun! All of your photos show you guys having fun a lot.
That game looks kinda fun and amusing. I'll have to get a group of people to do that with me, maybe. :D
MajorasMasks's avatar
The pyjamas idea is awesome XD (and the art too, of course ;) ).
precipiceflower's avatar

Wait what? Why does Miguel have crutches??? @________@;;

I love the Rain doll haha! Best everrrrr

I'LL MAKE IT RAINISMMMM YES RAINISMMM- okay I'll stop now <____>
nikkaroo's avatar
i'm glad to hear that the exhibition went well in the end ^-^
i love that butterfly cage thing. it's really well done :D
i remember China's bike from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi photoshoot :D
the Painting Interpretation Performance Art really cracked me up :XD:

Ysabel and Lester are so adorable :)
poppyflower16's avatar
umm..may I ask...umm..where did you do the Code Geass (Li xingke and Tianzi) photoshoot?....plase!:plaese:...and i was thingking to help my friend on her place hunting... ^^;

and your photoshoot was the best it look like a scene in one of the movies I saw back then... great job! guys! and to your exibit to bad I wasn't able to come...:(

keep up the good work guys!:teamwork:
behindinfinity's avatar
I'm sorry, I don't think I can do that. It's not my place to divulge that information. The administration of the place was very apprehensive about the idea of the location being used for photoshoots. People normally aren't even allowed to take out cameras there.

We were granted permission only because someone we know owns a part of that property, and made arrangements for us. I don't think the manager of the place will want more people going there for shoots. :upset: It'll would make us look disrespectful and ungrateful if we were to let other people go there to have photoshoots.
spicedSnow's avatar
I kept on LOL-ing over the 'Rain' doll. As in, there was Rain's face there.. Oh my stomach hurts... XDD

Was that really Rick's hands? XDD Looks too feminine to me..

Ohhh... Last note, I liked the concept with the butterflies.. ^w^
Piong's avatar
OOOh Ysabel looks so cuuuuuute ;3; :heart: I adore her Ianzi's cosplay! >D
DutchessElizabeth's avatar
Sir Dan... is that a prof of yours? He really looks familiar, like I've seen him on TV once. Fran looks like Aga Mulach on that pic with China...
emi2yam2's avatar
Im kinda sad i didnt get to go to your exhibit T_T (curse my inability to use public vehicles alone :shakefist: )...and I was gonna wear my david and goliath pajamas too..oh well

But I'm glad you posted this pics XD
made my day that I saw you guys in pajamas! :D

btw, I really like the butterfly cage thing :heart:
FloCiaCecil's avatar
oh my, you two look good together jin <3
i can see you and miguel back when china eating.. teehee..

how i wanted to be theree!!
themidnightkat's avatar
wow you look like you have fun :D :D
mags-duranb's avatar
I envy you a lot, and I envy all the people who can be there, Mexico is so far away ;_; but at the same time I'm glad to see this in photo (at least). I loved the butterflies leaving the cage; you were so cute representing all the pictures, you are a lively a creative bunch of crazy people.

I'm your faaaaaaaan! :D
AKRY's avatar
i'm supposed to be revising for my exams that are in a few days and got stressed because i'm nowhere near being a good student. but reading through your journal posts (even though it really is better if i read through notes instead ^^") and seeing how much fun you and your friends had, made me relax. i'm ready to head back to revision again, just wanted to say thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences! XD
AmosSuxer24's avatar
is it just me or Ysabel look tall then lester o.o
Cheerisness's avatar
your art gallery looked really awesome :D, I love your butterfly cage *-*..It looks that you had fun ^^ and your journals are amazing :B
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