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I'm alive again! Feeling much better, though I still haven't had enough quiet time to just sit down and properly respond to your messages. I'm sorryyyy! We've been getting ready for upcoming cons so there's been a lot of running around buying fabric and making preparations for the Tux Team table.

I was able to reply to some simple questions, but it takes me quite a while to respond to more personal letters and long notes because I don't think I'm all that eloquent but I want to do my best to properly express my gratitude. So I take time to think about what I want to say, but given how things are nowadays, it's taking me longer than usual. Gah. I'm one of those people who need to be in the right mood to do something correctly. ^^; Like when I force myself to draw while I'm not in the proper disposition. I look back at my sketch days later and feel like setting someone's nose hairs on fire.

Cosplay Mania 2008

Cosmania is coming up, and we're all excited and anxious. Apart from having a little Tux Team merchandise table, China snowpeachdrop, Kat moonlightflight, El rosiael and I are going to be speakers at the Cosplay Workshop. We'll be talking about cosplay photography, posing, makeup, wig styling and touching a bit on con etiquette. We hope to see you there! But not too many, I hope. I might go up there and just croak at the mic.

I kid, I kid. I do hope a lot of you guys can go. It sounds like it'll be an awesome and action-packed event. There are all these contests (including the CosTube Cosplay Video Contest) and all sorts of activities (like the Cosplay Auction) and so much more. And I mean... look at part of the criteria for the E-Games Costume Building Contest:

Durability Trial (30%) - Each team will be pitted against another team in a battle on who is the most durable costume. After every battle the winning team have 5 minutes to repair their costumes or reinforce them with leftover material. Each winning team will be pitted against each other until one winner is left.

NOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE MY KIND OF CONTEST!!! I mean, err [cough] I look forward to working with everyone and hope to do justice to the honor that has been granted to me by properly fulfilling my duty as a judge! I'm really happy and thankful to have been given the chance to be part of this event. You can really see the love and dedication the organizers have for this hobby, and I hope that the congoers cooperate and make this cosplay event fun and memorable for everybody. :D

Manila International Book Fair (Day 2)

Here's a late update from the second day of MIBF last September 14.

The book we chose to cosplay from was Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) with...

photo from Charmie yaoiangel14

China snowpeachdrop as the Little Prince, and El rosiael as the Pilot

photo from Kiko Francisco

I was the Fox

photo from Kune kunebitt

Kune kunebitt was the Snake

photo from Charmie yaoiangel14

and Kachan istriazel, the Turkish Astronomer

photo from Charmie yaoiangel14

Our friends from Wonderland - Kat moonlightflight as Alice, with her little brother Lester as the White Rabbit

photo from Charmie yaoiangel14

The three of us were invited to be speakers, and we gave a little talk about cosplay planning, wig styling, cosplay makeup, as well as photography and posing. (Pretty much the same things we'll be talking about on Cosmania, and a little bit more.)

photo from Charmie yaoiangel14

We were incredibly queasy before going onstage, but everyone was just so supportive and friendly so that anxiousness easily melted away.

We also participated in the cosplay panel, alongside JM Chua angrylittleboy and Robert Wong eva-guy01. Interesting questions were raised, and even though I was part of the panel, I also learned a lot. (Mostly from Kuya Robert, who was pwning everyone with his answers.)

Many thanks to everyone who attended and took the time to listen to us! I felt like such a dope, especially after having to talk after Guy Singzon, but I hope you somehow managed to learn something from my rambling. Let me apologize for being such a sentimental fool in front of everyone. Thank you guys for being understanding and supportive during the seminar and for being respectful enough to not post pictures or videos from that rather personal moment. ^^; I didn't think such a simple question would make me break into tears like that. China kept punching me and scolding me for "being a marshmallow", and Ysabel ran up to the stage to give me handkerchief to blow my nose in while there was a chorus of "awwwwww". I was thoroughly embarrassed but I couldn't help it. I always tell myself to be strong and not to cry, except when it's because I'm happy.

We were asked about our most memorable experiences as a cosplayer - seeing everyone's faces in the room, thinking about the friends we've met through cosplay and how such a simple (and even seemingly silly) hobby brought us all together... I felt a rush of overwhelming happiness. My friends and I are just a bunch of geeks who happen to enjoy costumes and anime/manga and acting like our silly selves, and that's how we got into the hobby. I never imagined that we would be able to reach out to so many people through cosplay.

Apart from the friends I have here are the people whose hearts we had managed to touch even if sometimes they're on the other side of the world. I barely managed to choke out how when Miguel and I were at Fanime, there were people who went up to me just to thank me for simply existing and not being afraid to be myself. On days that I'm feeling useless, I get letters from people who express their gratitude for the simple fact that I share photos from our little adventures and little bits of our lives, because our words and pictures make them smile even when they're having the worst day of their lives. I'm such a wuss, I think I cry as quietly and discreetly as humanly possible so as to not get caught every time I read a letter like that. A lot of times, I feel utterly insignificant in this huge planet. But knowing that somewhere in the world, someone's day was made brighter because of something I did or said, I think that maybe I'm not so useless after all. Perhaps in the somewhat distant future I'll have more power, knowledge, or something of the sort to find ways I can help make the world a better place to live in. But for now, I guess I'm doing okay.


photo from Charmie yaoiangel14

Us being fools around Guy Singzon and the awesome chestburster shirt he made.

photo from Charmie yaoiangel14

We found Miss Predatora! We're still in awe of her Female Predator cosplay that we had seen last Negai wa Kanau. We also did the Predator pose with her that day. :lol:

photo from Charmie yaoiangel14

I iz fluffy fox nao?

photo from Gian gian17


photo from Charmie yaoiangel14


photo from Herson yuber19

I fail at being a lovable fox.

photo from Charmie yaoiangel14

Putting our game faces on. Fear the Little Prince's water bottle.

photo from Charmie yaoiangel14

Alice is getting hungry.

photo from Charmie yaoiangel14

Lester was a happy bunny after eating at Tokyo Cafe.

photo from ?????

But not mine :fuzzydemon:

photo from Kune kunebitt

Now now, Alice. You should have learned not to eat strange things.

photo from Charmie yaoiangel14

Le Petit Pirate

photo from Kune kunebitt


photo from Kune kunebitt

In Erving's manry hands, it is the MANANA.

photo from Charmie yaoiangel14

God tejero being his godlike self, with us being blasphemous.

photo from Charmie yaoiangel14

Dedicated to our dear Julzzang Bubydub

photo from Charmie yaoiangel14

I like the cold, merciless stare of the one on the left.

Aku wants YOU! Bleach Cosplay Contest GO!

Aku Akusesu is holding a Bleach cosplay contest! More details, list of prizes and submitted entries in her journal :target: CLICK HERE :target:


END: NOV 1 (?)


1) Submitted cosplays must be of YOURSELF!

2) There is a limit of 3 submissions per CONTESTANT.

3) Contestants must have a DA or Cosplay.com account to prove self as the cosplayer

4) Cosplay must be of ONLY BLEACH characters (so no naruto please! lol)


You will automatically be disqualified for breaking any of these rules


- There will be 5 judges who will determine which cosplayer is most fit to win!
- Judging will be on accuracy, effort, and artistic photos!

:iconakusesu: :iconhakuku: :iconbehindinfinity: :iconmerkymerx: :iconbubydub:

Submit them by messaging Akusesu or (email her if you are not a DA member) with a title "BLEACH CONTEST"

Team 7 Field Trip! (OtakonEK Report)

Last Sunday, we went to a con that was held at Enchanted Kingdom, a local amusement park.

photo from Erving Huzafan

China snowpeachdrop as Naruto
Kyn Kynkyn as Sakura
myself behindinfinity as Sasuke
Jag as Kakashi (who was characteristically late and met us only after the sun had already gone down)

Apart from people who were there for the cosplay event, there was the usual crowd of families. I'm not entirely sure they were aware of the con, so I'm guessing some of them mistook us for mascots or something, haha. We didn't really mind. It was really cute how kids would say stuff like, "I... didn't know they were real... :o" It became really hard to maintain my scowl and sulking walk while hearing thing like that. The older kids who knew a little better would go, "Wow... He's really like Sasuke!" And apparently even 7 year-old girls like Mr. Emofag. I don't know what they see in that guy! Yet there I was cosplaying him, eh? :lol: As much as I make fun of him, I actually don't hate Sasugay. I just don't understand why girls are typically attracted to that type. But I digress. Moving on...

I'm really glad they thought of having an amusement park con. All the costumed people running around certainly made kids happy. It was simply hilarious just seeing characters going on rides. I think trying to stay in character as Sasuke helped me conquer a little bit of my fear of rides. Everyone else would be screaming their lungs out, while Naruto (China snowpeachdrop), Rock Lee (Val varu-san) and I were channeling our spirits of youth as we competed for the title of MANRIEST OTOKOMANS by keeping our cool and just sitting calmly with our arms crossed. No yelling, no matter what! We all did well, leaving the other people thoroughly confused as to why we WERE SO BADASS weren't shouting with everyone else.

photo from Herson yuber19


Flying Batman by yuber19

photo from Herson yuber19

The Joker wouldn't dare miss out on the fun.

photo from Herson yuber19

After him, Batman!

Incidentally, we also saw Spider-Man and Superman on this ride.

photo from JM angrylittleboy

:music: Sha-la-la-la-la-la
My, oh, my
Look at the boy too shy
He ain’t gonna kiss the girl

photo from Herson yuber19

Team 7 group shot while our dear sensei was still missing.
I remember how I used to think Sasuke's outfit was really cool. But damn - white shorts. What the hell was I thinking?

photo from Zoila nemurae

Kyn has Sakura's sweet face and demeanor, China has Naruto's spunk, and I have Sasuke's... gay hand gestures and hair that blows in the wind?

photo from onyxpetals

See, gay hand gestures. Dammit.

photo from Herson yuber19

Somebody told me that after getting used to seeing me as Naruto, I look really weird with black hair. It makes me a little sad to say... that's my actual hair color. Hahaha.

photo from JM angrylittleboy

Val varu-san as Rock Lee

photo from Herson yuber19

Mechazawa also went on the field trip with us

photo from JM angrylittleboy

"Sa~ku~ra-chaaaaaan! :heart:" [gets face punched in]

photo from Jei

Apparently, the Akatsuki was on a field trip, too

photo from Jei


photo from JM angrylittleboy

I wonder if they're /b/rothers

photo from Herson yuber19

China was trying to imitate the Scream mask.

Dear China,
You make the best facial expressions ever.

photo from JM angrylittleboy

See above comment.

photo from onyxpetals

Uchiha brothers with a Pepsi logo (corporate Uchiha crest) in the background

photo from Zoila nemurae

ANBU Itachi onyxpetals with Team 7

photo from onyxpetals

Brother is about to cut me in half

photo from Zoila nemurae

There were a few who mistook me for Miguel merkymerx (who sadly could not come with us because of schoolwork). At times I did feel like I was cosplaying Miguel. :lol:

photo from Herson yuber19

Since Kakashi wasn't around, Akazukin Chacha was our substitute chaperone

photo from Herson yuber19

Team Kakashi turned into Team Chacha

photo from Herson yuber19

Pretty kunai you have thar, Narutoes.

photo from Herson yuber19

I was the most resistant under this new rule...

photo from Herson yuber19

...so Chacha used her magical princess powers on me and turned me into her knight

photo from Herson yuber19

"Yes... my queen..."

photo from z3ll

"I will... protect you..."

photo from Herson yuber19

"Get lost, dobe."

photo from z3ll

Naruto retaliates!

photo from Herson yuber19

And so the spell was broken!

When Ninjas Attacks by yuber19

photo from Herson yuber19


photo from discordia24

In line for Anchors Away, our favorite ride.

photo from Erving Huzafan

Kakashi finally arrives and prepares to deliver 1,000 Years of Pain, but I'm not about to let him get away with making us wait the whole day!

It was a loooong but insanely fun day. Photo count was relatively low because we can't really take pictures while going on rides. We were completely drained by the time the park finally closed, but it was a good kind of exhaustion. I was feeling a little beaten up though, because apparently a lot of people hate Sasuke and would aim for me every time we went on the bumper cars. :laughing:


I'm so happy that my friends are one by one giving in to my begging for them to watch Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. :iconohjoyplz:

About three weeks ago, I posted this:

There's actually a bit more from when that photo was taken...

Look who's in the background, hijacking your Hare Hare Yukai.

I can actually see Domo-kun as a Ganmen. He is after all, a face with arms and legs.

Revoltech made Gurren Lagann way too much fun to play with. It's making me regress, going back to wanting toy robots - but only from this series because it is my new god. I can't wait for them to release Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Enki and Yoko this month!

I feel like I'm not going to be able to get Yoko easily, though. She'll probably bought by random pervs who didn't even follow the series and just want a cute chick with big boobs and a gun. :| The thought makes me nerdrage to no end. Sigh. I guess it's inevitable that Yoko will be objectified because of the way she looks. I'll admit that at first I was a bit put off by her appearance, but eventually saw how she really isn't just a fanservice character (though the gratuitous fanservice shots and occasional moments of crazy boob physics are actually pretty funny). She's skilled, sweet, and actually useful - she saved Kamina and Simon's asses several times. She takes the initiative when she has to, and stood right up even after the worst occurrences. Yoko is awesome, no matter how tacky her outfits can be. Flaming bikini and Starboobs suit, LOL. But it's really that garish quality that makes GL character designs so endearing. (LIKE GARLOCK SIMON'S S&M LEATHER CORSET AND CHOKER OF MANRINESS PFFHAHAHA)

Wow, I'm not sure what I'm talking about anymore. TL;DR - I'm excited for the new Revoltech toys. But I think I'm also about to shell out a rather large sum on a particular GL action figure (which isn't by Revoltech) because my birthday is coming up anyway and the damn thing makes me weep with how beautiful it is. I usually wouldn't spend so much on something like it but but but... It's Gurren Lagann. Gah.

Oh, I was playing around with audio software the other day and made an alternate version of Sorairo Days (Gurren Lagann opening song). Shoko Nakagawa fans, please don't kill me - I turned Shokotan into MANRY ShOTOKOMAN. I'm sure there are others who've done the same, but here's my take on it. The few people I've sent it to actually like it better than the original, haha.

:pointr: Click here to download Sorairo Days with male vocals

I'm such a slowpoke, but I'd just like to say that I nearly spit soda out when I caught this...

Exhibit A: Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants

Exhibit B: screencap from Gurren Lagann Episode 12

(click here for larger image)


And then there was Rei and Asuka in the bathhouse... Oh, Gainax. Okay, I'm going to shut up now. This journal is already too long as it is, and I have to stop while I can still restrain myself from going on and on about GL. I'm sorry if I've made it so you now can't look at anything GL without being annoyed at the memory of me, hahaha. :iconiloveitplz:

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RockAndRollSuicide99's avatar
Loved the little prince costume!! My boyfriend is thinking about being the pilot for Halloween!
Charvatres's avatar
L-Le Petit Prince cosplay?


Kira-Temeki's avatar
Because of you I've watched TTGL.
thanks :D

Moniku's avatar
ahh Jin.
You and your journal entries are timeless.
I have been super overwhelmed lately.
And all summer I have been craving one of your
action-packed entertaining and endearing journals
but I suppose you have been busy and that
is why you haven't posted one but any who
I went through my journal favs where and
picked a random entry of yours.
It made me smile and I believe laugh a few
times. It just makes me happy.. I just want to
say... thanks.
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teh mosiac
is it erving

i looked at it from like 15 feet from my monitor and it looked like erving

is it, plz
Keiko-cha's avatar
EpsilonAnoi's avatar
Was the Sasuke one your real hair, or just your real hair colour? I have an overly curious friend with me that is prodding me to ask =D.
rukia-kurosaki418's avatar
u do not fail at being a lovable fox (: i likey that picture ^^ you look cute :D
starkmad's avatar
oh mon...

you're journals NEVER FAIL TO MAKE ME LULZ!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! (and there's me mum coming in to check my sanity) :P
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jin u rock... eshiza too... we friends now :3
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lolz. at squidward scene. XD
and manry shotokoman actually is better. XD for me anyway.
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I dunno who's gonna read my comment anyway, since I'm at the bottom of... (looks)...531 other notes, but I have to say, that Manly Shoko Nakagawa is GOOD. It sounds so absolutely real.

And may I say that the connection is really bad when trying to comment on one of your journals. There is about a 30 second delay. Must be all those darn icons that need loading.
AngelsArcher's avatar
Oh God, I'm laughing my ass off at the thought of Batman/Joker/Spiderman/thewholegang in an amusement park. Seems like you had a lot of fun! I admit, it was kinda weird to see you cosplaying as Sasuke instead of Miguel. But I don't think you look weird with black hair at all :)

It looks as if Sasugay's peeking under her skirt... lol *don't hit me*
z3LLLL's avatar
saw u guys at otakonEK! coolness!

btw im one of the 3 pedo bears :XD:

and thanks for including some of my pics :XD:
yudeimo's avatar
so black is your natural hair color, huh? Cool. I honestly believe for a while that you had blonde hair. :giggle: Either I didn't know or I must be really slow. My natural hair color appears black but it's really a dark/light brown once the sun shine on it. If I wanted to change my hair color(which won't happen for some years) I'd want it to be black. n shade of brown anywhere.
thyalla's avatar
I wasn't able to go to Cosmania T_T

coz it was my birthday. heh.
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Haha, China DOES have the best facial expressions :D
How do you guys have such epic adventures?
MidnightRosebud's avatar
Quite the contrary, you make a very loveable fox. :D

And I am completely envious that you guys were able to go to a con at an amusement park. T^T That looked like a complete blast! My friend dressed as Sasuke once when we went to San Francisco just for fun. She actually had people asking to take her picture! :giggle: It was awesome!

And you are one of the sweetest people I have ever met. :nod: Keep on smiling and just being who you are. :hug:

have you watched Code Geass?

it's amazing :D

but thats just my opinion
fraae's avatar
is that your real hair??
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Did you actually sing sorairo days!?!? O.o Cuz its awesome! XD
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