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Wig Styling with Ishida Uryuu

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Yeah, apparently sewing isn't the only talent of everyone's favorite Quincy. :lol:

Disclaimer: I am not a professional hairdresser, nor had I received any formal training so follow my advice at your own risk! This is just what I've learned over years of cosplaying, making mistakes and learning from them.

Okay, so over the time we've been sharing our cosplay photos online, we've gotten countless questions on how we style our wigs, so I thought of making this silly yet (hopefully) educational tutorial to guide fellow cosplayers with wig styling. :)

In this tutorial, Ishida Uryuu will teach you how to customize a wig for cosplaying Uchiha Sasuke! May also be applicable for other characters with similar hairstyles like like L from Death Note or Jin Kazama from the Tekken series. We had so much fun making this tutorial, and we can only hope that you guys somehow learn something from it. :D

The wig used was a monotop (no artificial scalp) wig with synthetic fibers. We got it from a local wig seller; they don't do international shipping I'm afraid.

More photos of the finished wig:
:bulletblue::bulletgreen: The Will of Fire [link]
:bulletblue::bulletgreen: After Time [link]

Second attempt:
:bulletblue::bulletgreen: Konoha Gakuen: Detention [link]

:iconbehindinfinity: myself as Ishida Uryuu
:iconmerkymerx: Miguel as Uchiha Sasuke

:camera: photography by
Erving Go ~Huzafan
Kat Carpio ~moonlightflight
China Capay *snowpeachdrop

special thanks: artwork on the computer wallpaper is by :iconprodigybombay:

Tuxedo Team loves you!
(Missing members that day were definitely missed!)
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"and remember to let the subject rest every once in a while, especially when the fumes start making them hear voices." XD
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Thanks for this great tutorial!
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Awww! That´s a nice Tutorial (and it´s so cute!!!)
I was laughing when you explained wahts not that great for cuting your wig. A herring! OMG! :dignity-laugh: :dignity-laugh: :dignity-laugh: :dignity-laugh: 
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this tutorial is helpful! i'm so going to try this next year xD but i loved the reference to monty python! XD 
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Did you go to some hair-dresser school?
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Fave'd for the herring.
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That was part of why I +fav'ed it, too; the other reason was because this has a lot of good info.
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Most funny and creative tutorial that I saw!
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amazeing cheers my freind on a great job
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heh that was cool
now I'm going to make some weird shit lol
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1,625 coments : D
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Ooh, this is extremely helpful, thank you!

And... I couldn't stop laughing at the herring at the beginning. xD
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Am I the only one to see that the refs are not of Ishida? o.o
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You are the only one not to notice that this tutorial is for Sasuke's hairstyle, not Ishida's. :XD:
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But the title? xD
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It says "with Ishida", not "for Ishida" ;)
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ohhhh!! ahahaha. x.x
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Or if you're really lazy about lifting each of the spikes, put the wig on a wighead, hold the wig in front of a fan with the base closest to the fan. Put about a quarter size amount of some hairglue into your hand and work through the hair as the fan blows on high. I styled mine over a year ago and its still holding up no problem, and the it ended up looking about the same as here. I was just too lazy to follow this tutorial exactly xD
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I must ask, do you need a good wig to do this with? or would a cheap and bad one work?
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OMG! Wala na akong masabi! You reall are an all-around artist!
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This is the only even remotely useful tutorial I have found on my search on how to thin and style wigs, and it's funny to boot. Thank you!
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