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Toradora: When She Falls

A scene from Toradora! Episode 2:

Ryuuji dashed up the school stairs with Taiga to support her as she chased after the boy she liked. With Ryuuji's guidance, she resolved to give that person the cookies she did her best to bake. Ryuuji ran out of breath and fell behind, but he was confident that Taiga could do it by herself. When he looked up to make sure she was able to catch up, he saw Taiga's foot slip on the last step. She lost balance and her little body fell backwards.

In a heartbeat, Ryuuji forgot about his fatigue and acted on his instinct when it comes to Taiga - to catch her when she falls.

And perhaps, before they went back to worrying about the cookies that got thrown out the window, in that small moment of closeness they first realized that...

Everyone has something that they haven't seen before in this world. It's something very kind and sweet. Everyone would probably fight for it if they could see it.

That is why the world hid that thing. So that only those who are truly deserving can find it...

And we'll leave it at that for now. :)

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who followed this photoshoot! Specially to those of you who actually watched or read Toradora! because of our photos. We are overwhelmed with warm and fuzzy feelings and hope you grow to love the series as much as we did. :heart:

Photoshoot outtakes and other very overdue journal updates soon to come! And to those who were hoping to see the other characters - they are already in progress. :D

:bulletred: Ysabel as Taiga Aisaka
:iconmerkymerx: Miguel as Ryuuji Takasu
:camera::iconbehindinfinity: photography/makeup/wig styling by me

Toradora! cosplay photos:
:bulletorange: Tenori Taiga
:bulletyellow: The Dragon
:bulletorange: Tiger vs. Dragon
:bulletyellow: Even When She Said Nothing
:bulletorange: The Tiger's Tears
:bulletyellow: Gentle Footsteps
:bulletorange: When She Falls

from Essa ~Cyfliq
:bulletyellow: The Palmtop Tiger of Happiness
:bulletorange: Tiger By The Tail

Toradora! (とらドラ!?) © Yuyuko Takemiya
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>.< sooo sweet
umustdance's avatar
Could you tell me where you got your red blazer for this Taiga cosplay? I've been looking for one for what feels like forever and I keep turning up empty. It would be a huge help if you could tell me. Thank you for your time!
manu-chann's avatar
This photo is so amazing and sweet!!!>w< Love it! awesome cosplays!:D
falconwing111's avatar
I think Ysabel is a bit tall too be taiga
yuffi-ra's avatar
Amaaaazing shot!! It looks so real and both Miguel and Ysabel seem so suited for the characters. I love love looove the pose, and the clothing and place and just the entire atmosphere.

It's everything a cosplay picture is supposed to be <3
xXDarkLink11Xx's avatar
this is adorable :') <3
OshirisuBlossom's avatar
I love toradora,kawaii cosplay :D
Kindo11's avatar
aww...<3 so sweet :d
AniMeg4321's avatar
Wowowowowowowow!!! Amazing!!!! Itsh da widdle Taiga-chan and da cool-rific Ryuuji-kun~! All I can think of when I see this picture is, "kawaiiiiiii deeeeesu~!" (btw that's supposed to be read in a cute chipmunk-y-ish tone =^-^=)
DarkWaltzFairy's avatar
^_^^_^!!!! I think this is my favorite cosplay picture ever!!!!!!
yunaisu-madara's avatar
amazing deshoo. :thumbsup:

kirei! this is so coool.
tetastupendous's avatar
one of my favorite scene in toradora ^^
Koniichiwah's avatar favourite...
SpacemanStew's avatar
So cute, I love this!
IM STRANGLING YOU!!!!!DIE!!!!!HEHEHHEHEHEE!!!!that was on my head!!! :iconimhappyplz:
martatheunicorn's avatar
This is great. I just watched that episode yesterday. very sweet.
Webecamethewolves's avatar
So cute :). Captures the scene perfectly.
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Very VERY similar !!!
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