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Toradora: The Tiger's Tears

Why doesn't anybody understand?
Really... everyone...

What do they mean by Palmtop Tiger?
How could they think I wouldn't mind at all?
Why won't they listen to me?
No one! No one...

After taking out her rage and frustration on the empty classroom, Taiga falls to her knees, as if weighed down by the heavy feeling in her heart. The violent storm of her anger is soon blown away, but only to be replaced by doldrums of incredible sadness.

:pointr: Continued here:

So easily do people hastily pass judgment to those whom they don't understand, often to the ones they perceive as threats. They force their false assumptions onto the other person without bothering to find out what they're truly like, and fail to consider how much that person may actually be hurting.

:bulletred: Ysabel as Taiga Aisaka
:iconlittlesailboat: photography by Sandra Dans
:iconbehindinfinity: concept and postwork by me
:iconmerkymerx::iconcerrure::iconsinag-araw: classroom destruction team
:iconcyfliq: director/dictator/moral support

Toradora! cosplay photos:
:bulletorange: Tenori Taiga
:bulletyellow: The Dragon
:bulletorange: Tiger vs. Dragon
:bulletyellow: Even When She Said Nothing
:bulletorange: The Tiger's Tears
:bulletyellow: Gentle Footsteps
:bulletorange: When She Falls

from Essa ~Cyfliq
:bulletyellow: The Palmtop Tiger of Happiness
:bulletorange: Tiger By The Tail

Toradora! (とらドラ!?) © Yuyuko Takemiya
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GrayLantern13's avatar
This is definitely something she would do.
PinchOfPixelDust's avatar
This so perfectly captures her character!
payuki's avatar
IdiotDrool's avatar
The fighting scene was one of my fav.
Otakugirl23's avatar
brb, faving every picture in this set :D
YesWeCrazy's avatar
its great and sad
blueberricake's avatar
Love this .___. <3
GirlFromTheRing's avatar
Nice shot, good scenery, I really like it :)
kisuschiffer's avatar
good job!!!!
Phagos's avatar
I kind of wish you could see just a little bit of her face like an eye peering out of the dark shadows of her face.
ayinvui's avatar
Really good! I love it... it's just great... hehe! :D
StillDollSawaii's avatar
like an anime poster..:D great job :D
Hinata666's avatar
so... so touching description ;A;
AngelAndz's avatar
Normally I'm very shy of commenting your work because I find myself in awe of all your brilliant skills at costume making, artwork, and putting photoshoots together and get scared I'll write something stupid (I have a habit of doing that ^^;), but I have to say I love this photograph :)

It really depicts how someone who is unfairly judged by others and treated without respect because like you said people assume because others look a certain way or have something different about them that they have to treat them that way.

Plus this subject is very personal for me because I have Aspergers (a form of Autism) and look really young for my age and because of this most people who talk to me in real life have a bad habit of speaking to me like I'm 3 years old and speak to me in a loud voice as well like somehow my Autism makes me unable to hear properly, so I sort of know how other people might feel when they go through something similar.

Anyway, enough of my rambling and clogging up your inbox ^^; Faving this for the sheer brilliance of it 8-)
otakushorizon's avatar is so so so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
koumori-no-hime's avatar
Oh the lighting and setting, this is such a lovely photoshoot. The colors of her uniform and the background are all so beautiful. -Koumori
hanabira-chan's avatar
It would seem more real with some broken chairs
acer65's avatar
wow you guys have a gift! :D did you guys shoot this in Palma Hall, UP Diliman? it looks a lot like when i took the local UPCAT (Admission for my Local State U) XD
Drifth's avatar
Love the composition of this. Those battered old desk-chairs give this scene a lot of meaning. :heart:
Elizabeth-Ainesworth's avatar
Toradora is one of my favorite series right now. This is a perfect live representation of the character and this scene. Not only that, but the photography and light are wonderful.
iNagare's avatar
Ysabel looks so good as Taiga!
It nearly looks as if she really is Taiga! <33
morihana-chan's avatar
uwaaaa! poor Taiga :iconsadplz:

the description really sets the scene for the photo^^
Adila's avatar
this is totally one of the best in the whole series
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