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Toradora: The Dragon

The only thing on the same level as a tiger is a dragon. I will become a dragon! And stay by Taiga's side.

As I've said before, Toradora! is not to be mistaken for those cliche shoujo series. (It belongs more in the slice-of-life genre.) It may seem kind of cheesy for Ryuuji to have said these lines to Taiga, but he actually formed that resolve with no romantic intentions. He had his heart set to love another girl, and Taiga's eyes didn't just sparkle and well up with shoujo tears in gratitude. She gave Ryuuji a solid kick to the back and yelled at him to learn his place. It may also be worth noting that those shoujo bubbles that conveniently show up at mushy scenes were nowhere to be found.

:iconmerkymerx: Miguel as Ryuuji Takasu
:camera: photography by me *behindinfinity

Toradora! cosplay photos:
:bulletorange: Tenori Taiga
:bulletyellow: The Dragon
:bulletorange: Tiger vs. Dragon
:bulletyellow: Even When She Said Nothing
:bulletorange: The Tiger's Tears
:bulletyellow: Gentle Footsteps
:bulletorange: When She Falls

from Essa ~Cyfliq
:bulletyellow: The Palmtop Tiger of Happiness
:bulletorange: Tiger By The Tail

Toradora! (とらドラ!?) © Yuyuko Takemiya
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I've had you on my watch list for some time now, but I had no idea you had Toradora! in your gallery, this is great :D
I only recently watched the anime and started reading the manga, and I agree completely with your comments on the anime.
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After reading the comment down under the photo I really am going to have to read ToraDora. So funny, I mean I've liked the look of it when I've seen it advertised in my manga books but I need to complete collecting GunSlinger Girl before I can buy anything else.
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I really love his face! So beautiful!
dragonmare's avatar
I love this.
Just finished the series last night (14 episode rampage yeeaaahhhh)
Great job!
Heatray-Underfoot's avatar
But there's 25 episodes.
dragonmare's avatar
Didn't I make this comment like, MONTHS ago? Ehh, anyhow...

I know there's 25 episodes lol. I meant I finished the last 14 in one shot! (:
Heatray-Underfoot's avatar
1. So what if you made the comment months ago? I didn't check. 2. Oh... okay. Good show though :)
QwertyKeys's avatar
this is like...just so perfect for Ryuji!! I mean.......I don't know it's just so good!! :3
~ Cletus
SasoXDei4evas's avatar
wow, love ittttt
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I love this series xDDD You're actually 100% correct. I found this series to be so refreshing, it gave me shivers all the time. I fell in love Q//A//Q

Nice cosplay though. It's so ... perfect. xDDD You really suit Ryuuji!
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toradora's the best anime ever :D
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I think Ryuuji is the perfect character for Miguel ^^ He's perfect for him *u*
wow kireeeee takasu ryuuji taiski
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UWAA.... Astig!!! Ang galing na cosplayer!!!♥♥♥
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The greenery creates a nice contemplative atmosphere.
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TokyoQueeKukikoAkiyo's avatar
Beautiful. Like the Coat! Nice settings.
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