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Toradora: Gentle Footsteps

:pointr: Continued from:

Taiga gave in to the urge to cry, until she heard something from outside. The sound of gentle footsteps. It stopped right by the classroom doorway, long enough for her to wipe the tears away and put on a straighter face. The footfalls drew nearer, and even before she raised her head she knew it was Ryuuji.

For a moment she feared what he might say, having caught her in a situation like this. But he just offered her his hand and said,

Come on, Taiga. Let's clean this up and head home together. I'll cook whatever you want for dinner.

Those few and simple words fit just right in the empty spaces in her heart.

And she thought to herself,
Really... everyone...
They're all idiots.

How can they say that Ryuuji has the eyes of a murderer? The only thing that lies behind them is kindness.

:bulletred: Ysabel as Taiga Aisaka
:iconmerkymerx: Miguel as Ryuuji Takasu
:iconlittlesailboat: photography by Sandra Dans
:iconbehindinfinity: makeup/wig styling/postwork by me
:iconmerkymerx::iconcerrure::iconsinag-araw: classroom destruction team
:iconcyfliq: director/dictator/moral support

Toradora! cosplay photos:
:bulletorange: Tenori Taiga
:bulletyellow: The Dragon
:bulletorange: Tiger vs. Dragon
:bulletyellow: Even When She Said Nothing
:bulletorange: The Tiger's Tears
:bulletyellow: Gentle Footsteps
:bulletorange: When She Falls

from Essa ~Cyfliq
:bulletyellow: The Palmtop Tiger of Happiness
:bulletorange: Tiger By The Tail

Toradora! (とらドラ!?) © Yuyuko Takemiya
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AWWW makes me want to watch the anime again :3
not to offend in anyway im just saying this as my opinion but to me the one doing taiga kinda looks ......chubby.....................not that i mean it in a bad way but taiga looks so skinny in the anime and even manga
behindinfinity's avatar
It probably just looks that way because she's young (I think she was around 12 when this was taken) and has full cheeks. The way Taiga is drawn seems to imply she has a round face and full cheeks as well.

Anime/manga characters are often drawn very skinny, but I feel that those proportions shouldn't be taken too literally. They're drawings after all. I know I wouldn't want to see a person whose eyes take up half their face. :lol:
"I know I wouldn't want to see a person whose eyes take up half their face" THEN THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:iconnosebleedingplz:
ayinvui's avatar
Wow... it's really nice... :wow:
elpheal's avatar
Oh guys make me wanna pick up Tora Dora again.
lil-saph-fox's avatar
Oooooh, how cute *_*

I love this series. This szene is so romantic >///<
LittleSaku's avatar
awww this shot is just too adorable :3
TsukiNoYoukai's avatar
T_T i am always falling in love for your work with styling ....and all the atmosphere there... ah... really great talents there -and to work with your friends is the best indeed =3
IchigoMalfoy's avatar
I wonder, was it fun to destroy the classroom?
ai-no-tsubasa's avatar
Jade-Xe's avatar
I usually don't comment on things like this because I know you're to busy to read all of the ones you get, but even so, looking at this brought a bit of a tear to my eyes and a smile to my face. A truly special moment has been captured here, and I think what makes it so touching is that all of you really do have such deep bonds, even off camera.
Thank you for making such great art.
TamTamZ's avatar
wow!! gnda!! sn nyo kinuhanan 2?? tnung lng..
pusakal1402's avatar
hahahaha! timing! pinapanuod ko sya ngayon! XD
rinorino's avatar
wow, great concept :)
rinorino's avatar
wow, great concept :)
Chaded-photos's avatar
This series of photos have been so beautiful but I must say this one is my fave, I love the lighting on your models, the gorgeous colours of the setting you've chosen and above all that some of the frame is behind a door, like we're actually there, looking in on this scene.
Well done.
Man, this is so adorable. I love these photos from Toradora! They keep motivating me to watch more Toradora!! xD

Nami15's avatar
I nearly cried while looking through these pictures, they are just so stunning and I love that you guys always capture the very essence of the characters and make it so believable! If I were just an ignorant person who happened upon your pictures I probably would have thought they were from real situations! :XD: Wonderful work as always everyone! ;)
JessYukiOnna's avatar
the excerpts (or whatever you call it) and the photos makes me want to watch the anime or read the manga (if there is one..)... ~^^~

*searches now*
behindinfinity's avatar
[whispers] I think most of the anime is on YouTube, but I can't confirm that. Scanslations are up at MangaFox. In OneManga too, but the Toradora! translations there are pretty bad.
JessYukiOnna's avatar
*listens closely* thank you~ XD
morihana-chan's avatar
how sweet!!

haha! "classroom destruction team" great job!
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