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Shippuuden: Ichiraku Scheme



In order to obtain the power of the Kyuubi, the Akatsuki needed to kidnap its jinchuuriki, Uzumaki Naruto.

"It's decided, then. We will capture the target at his usual haunt, Ichiraku Ramen in the Hidden Leaf Village."

"Itachi, will you..?"


"I thought so."

"Konoha knows we're after Uzumaki Naruto. We can't send anyone who'll be too conspicuous."

[everyone eyes each other]

"Well I guess that leaves out all of us, then!"

"Be quiet, Tobi."

"Tobi is a good boy."

"Zetsu, go fetch someone we can use as a puppet."

"Itachi, since you have such good taste in nail polish, perhaps you can prepare an outfit for our sacrifice. Something that says, 'I am in no way affiliated with the Akatsuki.' Got it?"


Zetsu returns promptly with a man from the Hidden Village of Grass, since no remarkable ninja ever comes from there anyway. He hands the body to Pain, who orders Tobi to dress him in the lavender shirt Itachi had picked out.

While Naruto eats dinner at Ichiraku, the puppet attempts to trick him into drinking beer, in hopes of getting him drunk and unconscious to make it easier to drag him back to the lair. Naruto was completely unaware of the fact that he was sent by the Akatsuki, but vehemently refused the offer. In his mind, he thanked Jiraiya for warning him about pedophiles.

Needless to say, that scheme was a failure of epic proportions.

:iconbehindinfinity: myself as Uzumaki Naruto
:iconartus13: Nico Dans as Random-nin
:camera: photography by Sandra Dans ~littlesailboat

:target: more photos from Ajisen Ramen + Shippuuden Omake

Sorry, I think I had a little too much fun with the description. :lol: This is from our Naruto: Shippuuden trial photoshoot, which we just suddenly decided to have because our beloved Ajisen Ramen (the location for the photo) is closing down the branch near our school. :crying: NOOOOOOO

We certainly will miss that place. But at least we were able to take this photo, along with many others, to remember it by.

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Naruto © 岸本 斉史 (Kishimoto Masashi)
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Your expression at the man is priceless! This picture is great. You nail it portraying Naruto