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Shippuuden: Before The Storm



During the calm before the storm, Sasuke takes a moment to recall his last conversation with Naruto. It was the day he left everything behind, and made the decision to cut the bonds that threatened to betray him.

How can you understand when you've been alone from the start?

We suffer because of our bonds. Can you understand what it's like to lose everyone?

Why, Naruto? Why do you go so far for me?

Meanwhile, somewhere far away...

:iconmerkymerx: Miguel as Uchiha Sasuke
:iconbehindinfinity: editing and description by me (apart from the quotes)
:camera: photography by Tracy Monsod ~13idiotbox

cosplay notes:
:bulletblue: Miguel's costume was sewn by our tailor, not store-bought. We had the sword custom-made (it's made of wood and stainless steel).
:bulletblue: Miguel made the rope belt and bracers.
:bulletblue: The wig was styled by me, and you can view the tutorial here: [link]

Based on comments I've observed on pieces of Naruto fan art and our other submissions, I suppose there are some of you who might complain about us cosplaying such an overdone series, or just seeing more Naruto stuff on dA but... Sorry, we're not the type to stop liking something just because it's gotten popular. :) Just close the window or ignore the thumbnail if you don't want to see it. Takes a lot less effort than typing up a whole comment about how much you don't like it. Silly people. :lol:

Naruto: Shippuuden trial photoshoot series:
:star: Are You Ready?
:star: Distance
:star: Never Go Back
:star: Ichiraku Scheme
:star: Before The Storm
:star: Daybreak at Konoha
:star: The Will of Fire

:pointr: Shippuuden Omake + extra photos from Ajisen Ramen

Naruto © 岸本 斉史 (Kishimoto Masashi)
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