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Shippuuden: Are You Ready?

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agero kyou ichiban no jikan da
Me ni mo tomoranu SPEED HUNTER
dare mo ga minna toriko kanban YEAH (COME ON)

matashita na HERO'S wa COME BACK
zujou kaze yubioru COUNT DOWN
ikuze 3-2-1 MAKE SOME NOISE!

- "Hero's Come Back!!" by nobodyknows+
(Naruto: Shippuuden 1st OP)

We had a trial Naruto: Shippuuden photoshoot yesterday (trial because my costume is still incomplete and it was just me and Sasuke that day) to go with one of our last visits to our beloved Ajisen Ramen before they close down the branch near school. :crying: ZETSUBOUSHITAAAAAAA

:iconbehindinfinity: myself as Uzumaki Naruto
:camera: photography by Rayson Lozada ~sinag-araw

Here's the first shot of the set, inspired by the first Shippuuden opening: [link] The song cracks me up (albeit in a good way) but mannnnn, I can't tell you how excited I was to see that, after suffering through all those filler episodes. :D I mean, I read the manga as well, but it's different seeing them animated.

Based on comments I've observed on pieces of Naruto fan art, I suppose there are some of you who might complain about us cosplaying such an overdone series, or just seeing more Naruto stuff on dA but... Sorry, I'm not the type to stop liking something just because it's gotten popular. :) Just close the window or ignore the thumbnail if you don't want to see it. Takes a lot less effort than typing up a whole comment about how much you don't like it. Silly people. :lol:

It's just that, gah, I've loved the Naruto series from the very start. And it has even greater emotional significance to me since I had met some of the people I'm most thankful for because of it. :cheese:

:bulletgreen: I did the color editing. Added a vignette and stuff.
:bulletgreen: Sorry 'bout the grain! It was getting pretty dark! ISO 1600, argh!
:bulletgreen: Rayson took this shot from a relatively low angle so we got a whole lot of sky.
:bulletgreen: The way my eyes look is due to the combined effects of applying eyeliner as certain way and squinting from staring at the sun too long. XD
:bulletgreen: It's not certain I'll be Naruto for the actual shoot, but I had so much fun cosplaying him. Those facial expressions are a riot.
:bulletgreen: If you've got any questions, perhaps you'd like to take a look at my Cosplay Photography Guide. Thank you!

Naruto: Shippuuden trial photoshoot series:
:star: Are You Ready?
:star: Distance
:star: Never Go Back
:star: Ichiraku Scheme
:star: Before The Storm
:star: Daybreak at Konoha
:star: The Will of Fire

:pointr: Shippuuden Omake + extra photos from Ajisen Ramen

Naruto © 岸本 斉史 (Kishimoto Masashi)
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Absolutely positively PERFECT!!!
(Yes I'm readdyyyy!!! :squee: )
Ahhh I LOVED that opening to Naruto... *sighs*

Outstanding job! I adore all of your cosplays SO much!! :la:
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sweet^^ I like you cosplaying Naruto^^
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Yep. Mmhmm. That's a Naruto face.
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hahhhhaahijpmh4xoic!!! i love this ending it's my favorite!
Kurorama's avatar
feel like see Naruto in the real world!!!XD
kakuume's avatar
you look exactly like him!! wow O_O
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asdadsdadsdads i cann stop to see ur gallery!!!! is sooo good more than this is perfect :D
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TT_TT the title reminds me of that stupid demi lovato song...
good piccy though ^o^
Roma88's avatar
WoW! This is definitely the best Naruto cosplay I have ever seen!
kittycat-Kiri's avatar
I have a question. Do you make all of the costumes yourself or do you buy it?
Pix13-5tick's avatar
You make a great naruto
WiccanVampire92's avatar
I adore his smirk!
jolka927's avatar
Really amazing! *^*
lucylupe910's avatar
certainly reminds me of the opening :)!!
plavir's avatar
naruto is coming to the real world
SorieeMeira's avatar
KYAAAH!!!! :woohoo: :blush:

gummybears4life's avatar
.......................:jawdrop:......... dude i giv u props. this picture n this guy is jus...... fuckin.. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:(heheh guy-sensai)
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N-.....NARUTO!!! D= HE'S ALIVE!! OMG.....XD
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this is the perfect cosplay looks so natural ^_^
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