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Major Misato Katsuragi



God knows I'm not perfect, either. I've made tons of stupid mistakes, and later I regretted them. And I've done it over and over again, thousands of times; a cycle of hollow joy and vicious self-hatred. But even so, every time I learned something about myself.

Find out why you came here; why you exist at all! Answer your own questions. And when you've found your answers, come back to me. I'll be waiting for you.

As NERV's Operations Manager, Captain (later Major) Katsuragi has a brilliant tactical mind, often coming up with life-saving strategies as soon as the information comes in.

However, Misato's home life seems to contradict her orderly work ethic. Her apartment - which she shares with Shinji, and later Asuka - is usually littered with liquor bottles, empty beer cans, trash bags, empty beer cans, TV dinner trays, empty beer cans, food scraps (did I mention empty beer cans?). Another interesting aspect of her apartment is her pet Pen-Pen, a warm water penguin.

:pointr: The NERV Party by =Delurianne

:icondelurianne: Mic as Misato Katsuragi
:iconlittlesailboat: photography by Sandra Dans
:iconbehindinfinity: editing by me
:snowflake: special thanks to [link] for the character description

Neon Genesis Evangelion photoshoot series
:star: Neon Genesis Evangelion
:star: First Child: Rei Ayanami
:star: Second Child: Asuka Langley
:star: Third Child: Shinji Ikari
:star: Fourth Child: Toji Suzuhara
:star: Fifth Child: Kaworu Nagisa
:star: Major Misato Katsuragi
:star: Rei III
:star: Asuka Strikes!
:star: Delicate Like Glass
:star: Children of Chaos

:bulletgreen: Evangelion Photoshoot Recap + bonus photos :bulletgreen:
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