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Kenshin and Tomoe: The Sound of Snow Falling

"You should have hated me. But you protected me. You allowed me to live."

This was a dream cosplay shoot for me and my friends Kaika (who is cosplaying Tomoe) and Resh (our photographer). We were excited and anxious about doing this shot in particular, because it's our tribute to what we feel is one of the most tragic scenes in anime history, and a memory that has stayed with us over the years.

This is Part 10 of this set. We had so much fun working on this photo series, and what has made it even better is hearing from fellow RK fans whose love for the series remains steadfast even though it's been a long time. <3 We're nearing the end of this photo set now but I hope you'll stay with us!

Some photos from the Kenshin and Tomoe photo set:
Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal by behindinfinity Kenshin and Tomoe: When He Sleeps by behindinfinity Kenshin and Tomoe: 'Til Death Do Us Part by behindinfinity Kenshin and Tomoe: With You by behindinfinity Kenshin and Tomoe: Our Quiet Nights by behindinfinity Kenshin and Tomoe: I Will Protect You by behindinfinity
Complete album :pointr:…

Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal OVA
:iconbehindinfinity: myself as Kenshin
:iconelpheal: Kaika as Tomoe
:camera: photography by Reskiy 

:facebook: Jin.behindinfinity | ★ Tumblr | :twitter: skybluedays
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I can't *imagine* how heartbreaking that's going to be in the next movie.

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Fantastic cosplay and photograph. Was a drone used? One of the best RK scenarios ever. The tragedy really comes through.
This is an incredible shot. The colours and the positioning of the principles is just stunning, as though the pages of the manga had simply come to life.
Never really followed this series, but man this is nice
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Surely one of the most tragic scenes in anime/manga.  What a good job Watsuki did; he made a manga that incorporated drama and comedy and did a good job with it!
Nice work.
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lie down, try not to cry. cry a lot.
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This is perfection! Congratulations to both cosplayers and the photographer!! :love:
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oh my god im crying rn because Kenshin and Tomoe......I love this manga so much I probably read it for about 10 times?? HAHHAHA;;;
AND yes this scene is probably the saddest scene in the whole manga ;=; I love Tomoe!! She was my favourite yet she died such a tragic death ;=;
I'm just wondering why is she holding the dagger though? I'm pretty sure she let go of it when she was killed (which resulted in the second slash on Kenshin's face)
SithLordLiisa's avatar
I cried like crazy when I saw Tomoe die. This is a great picture. :heart: 
Kenshins-Soul's avatar
This looks more like a painting than it is a photograph.  O.o  Impressive.  I think this would make a nice poster or a postcard or maybe a that word I can't remember the spelling that starts with an S but in English it's pencil board. 
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HOLY SH*T, your cosplay photo-shot is just gorgeous! *o*

This scene... this picture almost made me cry, reminding of that.
shiranui1295's avatar
awwwwwww mannnn Cry forever this scene. wahh. why. 

splendid cosplay and shot though, super impressed :D captures the tone of this moment in RK perfectly
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This is gorgeous; both the photo and your cosplay.
FaustTheWoof's avatar
This is gorgeous and such a wonderful cosplay! 
Deyanira42's avatar
This  set was amazing! I don't know how you guys did this angle, but the result is really beautiful. I think you guys did this moment in the series more than justice; absolutely wonderful job!!
magoleth's avatar
Stunning work, like a scene from a movie.
DestiniesEntwined's avatar
absolutely beautiful. It's visual poetry. LOVE.
PaulLilyJulian's avatar
It looks like a drawing !! Amazing piece.
Samy-Consu's avatar
very great work!
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Awesome work!!!

All the set is perfect... I'm crying now... Waaaah! 
elpheal's avatar
T____T *major sobs*

Thanks for the hard and awesome work jin!! 
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