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Forever and Always - PRINTED!


:new: This shirt is now available at!
In two color variations! Store link :pointr: [link]

Think twice before you tell someone, “I want you to stay with me – forever and always.” Not even death might be able to keep you apart.

I made use of a minimal amount of space on the shirt because sometimes it’s what we can’t see that is most terrifying. [cue ominious music]


The hands are not stock photos - the graphics for my shirt were entirely rendered by me in PS CS4. Didn't make use of textures, everything was drawn with default brushes. :) Watermark not included in the final shirt design, of course.
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 This shirt is now available at!
In two color variations! Store link  [link]

This link above can't bring me to find this t-shirt.
How I can do to find the store that has this design available?
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were here to stay

forever and always
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omg. thats so awesome! :iconlazepoolplz:
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And if that gif is you down there, you have adorable hands. Is that weird? XD
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Oh my! Disturbing but reallyreally cool O_O
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creepy, but enticing! :D
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Will there be a women's fit version available?
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Women's sizes are available now! :pointr: [link] :D
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Terrifying. ouo;
I love this shirt very much, how I have to do to get it?
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This took a while, but this shirt design is now available here :pointr: [link] :)
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remind me of shutter (thai movie)
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creepy, yet MUST. HAVE.
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Ya, i understand about the print location. You would almost need an all over print just for it... it gets annoying
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At first, I thought this was inspired by the movie Shutter
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FAVORITE SHIRT. O.o Are you still selling it?
it's great!!
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jeeze! i want this shirt! XD
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I'd SO love to wear this in my classroom when the lights are off. :D
Have you seen Shutter ? Your T-shirt has a weird resemblance with it. If you have not see it, watch the Taiwanese version, not the remake ! :)
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i agree, thought thge same when i saw this :)
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