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First Child: Rei Ayanami



Will life ever stop playing games with my courage? My coldness upsets many, but it is my only security. How fragile is my heart if I am to face the world alone? Thousands of smiles won't brighen the mood that is forlorn. How doubtful the faces of others, when I see glimpses of fading lies in their eye? How much I wish to trust freely, like a silver boat on the wide ocean glides. How naive my mind is to believe.

Quiet and enigmatic, Rei Ayanami is hard to befriend. It's not that she isn't nice, or that she's rude, but rather the fact that she doesn't care to have friends. No one has ever gotten close enough to her to really know enough about her. She speaks only when necessary, and she never disobeys orders from anyone. Never.

Dr. Ritsuko Akagi on Rei: "She's not very adept at living."

:iconangstxiety: Chi as Rei Ayanami
:iconlittlesailboat: photography by Sandra Dans
:iconbehindinfinity: editing by me (though very minimal for this shot - took out my foot that was caught in the photo, haha)
:snowflake: special thanks to Mikomi for the character description

Neon Genesis Evangelion photoshoot series
:star: Neon Genesis Evangelion
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:bulletgreen: Evangelion Photoshoot Recap + bonus photos :bulletgreen:
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