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I want despair. I want to return to nothing. But I can't. He won't let me return to nothingness yet. He won't let me return yet. I still exist because he needs me. But when everything is over, when I am of no use anymore, he will abandon me. I've prayed for the day he would abandon me. But now... I fear it.

Rei's origin and heritage are left deliberately unspecified, and there is evidence that she might not even be entirely human. Ritsuko Akagi states that Rei was born in a certain room deep in the lower levels of NERV headquarters, but this is all that is explicitly revealed in the series about her creation.

Dr. Ritsuko Akagi on Rei: "She's not very adept at living."

About the title - it's not meant to indicate that this is the third of a series of Rei photos. Those who are familiar with Evangelion will most likely know what I mean. :D

Oh, and because I always seem to get asked about this - she is wearing red contact lenses. :)

:pointr: Ayanami Rei by ~rancidgravy

:iconangstxiety: Chi as Rei Ayanami
:iconhuzafan: photography by Erving Go
:iconbehindinfinity: editing by me

Neon Genesis Evangelion photoshoot series
:star: Neon Genesis Evangelion
:star: First Child: Rei Ayanami
:star: Second Child: Asuka Langley
:star: Third Child: Shinji Ikari
:star: Fourth Child: Toji Suzuhara
:star: Fifth Child: Kaworu Nagisa
:star: Major Misato Katsuragi
:star: Rei III
:star: Asuka Strikes!
:star: Delicate Like Glass
:star: Children of Chaos

:bulletgreen: Evangelion Photoshoot Recap + bonus photos :bulletgreen:
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