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Death Note: Walk This Way

Our favorite outtake from our nth Death Note photoshoot. :lol: Inspired by The Beatles' iconic Abbey Road album cover, but we weren't really recreating it. Otherwise there wouldn't be five of us and L would have been Paul McCartney with no shoes. Haha!

And yeah, I guess Near and L aren't supposed to have shoes BUT we were in a commercial area and we couldn't risk them stepping on something on the road and possibly hurting their feet whenever we had to run back to the sidewalk when cars would pass by. And don't forget... L wears shoes when he's out - like in the university and while playing tennis.

It took us so many tries to get this shot right... Erving says the focus was insanely difficult. Even though we needed it to be fast, autofocus just wouldn't work so he was on full manual. So we had to keep posing and running away when cars would drive past, while constantly watching out for guards that might apprehend us for taking photos! Hahaha!

:iconrosiael: El as Mikami Teru
:iconbehindinfinity: myself as Yagami Light
:iconsnowpeachdrop: China as Amane Misa
:icondollgoddess: Jessie as Near
:iconsiberianclaws: Sibey as L
(The other 7 or so other cast members are not in the photo, sorry!)

:camera: photography by Erving Go

:icongrinclub: EDIT! So many people are asking about it so here is the location info: This was taken somewhere around Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig here in the Philippines.

:icondesudesuplz: SECOND EDIT! I'm sorry we can't provide a print of this photo. It's out of respect for Tsugumi Ohba. The cosplay and photos are our own work, but it wouldn't be fair to profit off another person's intellectual property.
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Sep 23, 2007, 6:21:50 PM
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An interesting capture. Reminded of older times;
'Walk This Way' by Aerosmith.…
It also made me think the 'Abbey Road' Album cover by the Beatles.
GameTrek's avatar
Lawful you can not market it as official material and Tsunami Ohba is not a struggling artist at all. It is your photograph as well. Same with celebrities in the open.
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I really like how all the characters are posed! It captures their personalities well Daisy claps  
IrisTheCat888's avatar
I'm loving that abbey road reference
Alvaerus2013's avatar
Well, if we start with the logo of the anime
that probably is a reminder  of the quality of the entire series.
Those 3 fonts inclined, destroy the complete composition of the logo,
looks like the thing is gonna crumble at any moment...
And about this peace of work, I can't see any originality on this,
people crossing a street, imitating The Beatles and that legendary album cover,
This representation has been made for years, some with better results than others,
I don't know, for me this is nothing to be amazed for...
Just my opinion, I'm probably wrong, like usual...
Ladies and gentlemen...

Shinigami Road! :8Bclap: :8Bclap: :8Bclap: :8Bclap: :8Bclap: 
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L should have been bare foot...
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its shitty cosplay of a anime that is 2emo4me
pastellwolfy's avatar
Well it sucks that you dont like it, but this cosplay is pretty good. Don't just call a cosplay bad because you don't like the anime.
robotictailsissocool's avatar
I like anime. I just hate cosplay


and death note 
robotictailsissocool's avatar
deathnote because it is 2edgey4me. ANd cosplay because its cringey. Not much more to say.
DeathbyPixels13's avatar
I'm actually sitting as L as I type this and I actually have no bloody clue what is going on.
WhiteHeights's avatar
hahahah, if you look at their postures it's almost like a de-evolution sequence :D Very clever!
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*________________* so amazing :3 Love the way this picture was taken :3 
this could be a cast
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