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Death Note: This Is Heaven

It was a dull day at headquarters, so Watari agreed to accompany the three to get a little snack. It was only for this store that L would risk staying outside. Light had no interest in the petite confections, but after much persuasion by Misa, he gave in and had a little devil's food cake.

The store is called Cupcakes by Sonja. The store people were so nice. Didn't apprehend us for taking so many pictures even though we're really not allowed to without a permit. Although the fact that our team bought over a dozen cupcakes must have helped. Haha.

:iconbehindinfinity: myself as Light Yagami
:iconmerkymerx: Miguel as L
:iconsnowpeachdrop: China as Misa Amane
:camera: photography by Sandra Dans littlesailboat

Death Note © 大場つぐみ (Ōba Tsugumi)

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This is the most popular image on this site.


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Light’s face while looking at them XD!!

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Decided to log in here for the first time in forever, for nostalgia's sake. I was obsessed with Death Note when I joined this site, and this picture was one of the first - if not THE first - cosplay pictures I ever saw. At the time I didn't think it was anything "special", but as time passed I got interested in cosplaying and realized how wonderful this hobby is. Now it's been nearly 10 years since I first saw this picture, and it's so nice to look back on the things that helped shape me as a child\teen, and it's even more fun to look back on your old work and see just how much you've improved over the years

This was mostly me rambling, but yeah.

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I got the sensation that Light needed to be taller
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I love pastries 
i never have a bakery unless it's a schools bakery. which means we don't have any bakery's.
this is a very good cosplay you guys did a wonderful job! you aren't like those fattie americans haha!
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the cosplay's are nice and all but

why is this the second most poplar post on Da :baffled: 
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Can I use some of your photos for my site? it is for cosplay and anime art. I always credit them or link the pictures back to it's source .
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*click click click*
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do u know dae wae
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congrats to Miguel on the L cosplay hes not easy to cosplay really....
it seems easy but its not ;-;
yeah COOL! i love death note im a big fan of it
and i like it alot!
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