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So, umm. Hi. This is probably... unexpected.

Before anything else, I would just like to say that I will be the FIRST to happily admit - ironic as it is, even ~merkymerx pulls off girl cosplays better than I do! :lol:

I was invited by Darz Pobre to be part of this teaser shoot for their Wonderland-themed Washday. Darz has done projects like ANDRO.GENIUS that shows a fascination with androgynous beauty. Perhaps that is why he asked me to portray both Alice and the Mad Hatter for this photoshoot.

I'm strangely finding it hard to type this out but... here I am as Alice (though I am tempted to say Teddie from the culture festival; a cookie for those of you who got that :laughing:) I am terribly unaccustomed with this whole... trying-to-look-pretty thing. I strained my face trying out expressions that would hopefully make me look more innocent and feminine, to compensate for how stern my natural features are.

About the photo
For those of you who might be wondering - the background is a piece of patterned fabric that was mounted on the wall; I am wearing bright blue contacts; and yes, that huge bow is real. We saw Mr. Felix make it in a very short span of time, and he managed to stick it on the wig with just two hairpins. Amazing. Another thing that surprised me is how their light setup makes anyone who stays under it look like dolls. :lol:

This photoshoot with a professional team was a huge change from the cosplay shoots my friends and I are used to. While we usually go around different locations and make use of natural light, this time there was a full set inside the studio, and a set of complex lighting equipment on a ceiling rig. When we first stepped in, we stared at them in awe and asked about how everything worked. The people of BNS kindly humored our curiosity, so we gained some new knowledge and a sense of determination to do better on our shoots. :)

The team was responsible for pretty much everything here. I just had to put stuff on and sit at the table. Oh, and this version of Alice is their own concept; it wasn't based on any existing adaptation of the story.

:bulletblue: Accessory Design - Felix Lim
:bulletblue: Set Design - Benjo Pacson
:bulletblue: Photography - Darz Pobre & Vil Ceredon of Bleachnstain Photo + Design Studio
:bulletblue: Light Director - Ronan Espadero
:bulletblue: :iconsavingsunlight::iconcyfliq::iconyaoiangel14::iconlittlesailboat::iconmoonlightflight::iconmerkymerx: for being there and giving me moral support

:note: Special thanks to Alice and Rabbit's Shop contact lenses :pointr: [link]

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I would appreciate if people refrain from replying on my behalf, because I am perfectly capable of speaking for myself whenever and however I choose to do so. :) And often, those who speak out when they are not involved are the ones who give out the wrong information.

"Make somebody happy today. Mind your own business."
— Ann Landers

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Excellent work!!