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BLEACH: Prismatics

:new: 8/19/09 UPDATE: Here are the failed practice shots and a lot more outtakes, as promised :pointr: [link]


It's been a while! We hope everyone's been doing well. :D We appreciate your continuous support!

We recently had another cosplay photoshoot inspired by the Bleach artbook, All Colour But the Black.

:note: This particular shot was loosely based on this illustration
:pointr: [link]

Kubo likes to draw them in themed outfits that they don't actually wear in the anime or manga, usually on plain white backgrounds and sometimes as if they're in midair. Our theme was traditional Japanese clothing mixed with Kubo's quirky fashion sense (I swear if you look at the artbook, sometimes it's like an apparel catalog - but that's part of why we love it). We made up the outfits based on our characters, except Ichigo's which was heavily based on an existing artbook illustration.

Our take isn't quite as dynamic as the illustration, but we learned quite a bit from this shoot and will use the knowledge in future attempts. We hope to do this sort of thing again, if only because it's great fun to jump around, and the outtakes are hilarious. :la:

Okay, it does kind of look like Bleach Rock Musical meets High School Musical. [shudders]

:iconmerkymerx: Miguel as Ichigo Kurosaki
(a big change from his usual brooding dark-haired characters, haha)
:bulletgreen::bulletwhite: Ysabel as Nel Tu
:iconsnowpeachdrop: China as Rukia Kuchiki
:iconmoonlightflight: Kat as Orihime Inoue
:iconbehindinfinity: myself as Uryuu Ishida
:camera: photography by Erving Go ~Huzafan
:bulletblack: director/dictator/moral support = Essa ~Cyfliq

Bleach Artwork Style Cosplay Photoshoot
:bulletred::bulletblue: Prismatics
:bulletred::bulletblue: Beat As One

:bulletred::bulletblue: Happy Tanabata

:bulletred::bulletblue: The Unusual Suspects

BLEACH © 久保 帯人 (Kubo Tite)
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So ridiculous that I'm drunk on Bleach... in a good way... tastes like chicken...
Cosmiic-Miilk's avatar
this photo is so old but i will say you will always bring uryuu justice !
Wow! This is amazing!! This is my first time seeing something soo awesome!!!! Fave and watching!!!!
shamuto-de-kaatsu's avatar
Nel looks...weird 
but its still cute and funny!
kelly7497's avatar
MagicMilkshake1's avatar
Everyone looks normal... then there's Nel. XDDD
Luksia's avatar
*_____* Like this cosplay as much, as it can be!! Your team - my favorite cosplayers! You all look so you are the Ichigo, Rukia, Ishida and Orihime! The best cosplay of all that I have seen in my life!
cctrail's avatar
NEL! lol. haven't seen her for a while! good job ad usual! :D
morugane's avatar
wow, amazing ! *0*
finnulla's avatar
awesome but.....
nell looks wierd
LMonster2's avatar
This is an awesome photo!!! Thanks for this!!!
Bleach-fan-72's avatar
the nell looks good! Waaaaaaay more realisic than the fat grubby one i saw earlier O.o it scarred me!
ADHD-Kid28's avatar
Awesome! Rukia looks the best :D
Davidkane's avatar
Yea... Nel is freaky
Syd112012's avatar
Nel scawws meh! XD
DArtist1998's avatar
wow, you actually look like them!!! :)
kitty-chanmeow's avatar
wesnerl's avatar
This is great. ^_^
RAMENmanga-ka's avatar
HeavenlyEclipse's avatar
Wow... looks so much like Ichigo that it's ridiculous O.O
KuRoUi-MeI's avatar
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