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Wallpaper: Trae by GuiTuX
Visual Style: Clearscreen Sharp for Windows7 by K-Johnson
Icons: Token by brsev
Start Button: Trans Token Style Start Orb by my99
CD Art Display: Subject Matter by OtisBee
iTunes: Silent Night iTunes 9 for Win by DaHLiA-7
VLC: SilentVLC Updated 10-7-09 by d1ckies
Google Chrome: Chrome XP by hsn
Rainmeter Calendar Gothic Century by Chaebi69
Miranda IEView Adium Black Mod by MrNakata
Miranda Contactlist by me
Rainmeter Twitter, Clock, Mails & Notes by me
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Love it. Not just the arrangment but the colour harmony ... generally the whole package. And then, I go back to my desktop and curse in my native tongue (which you would fully understand) cause I'm not creative enough to do what you do (skipping the Rainmeter part which I find just a useless show-off prog). Well, at least I have a wallpaper in a wonderfull μωβ φερετρί colour.

Thanks for the inspiration!
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Thank you for your nice comment. I think it's the best one i ever had on DA.
You are right, the colors are a perfect match. It's relaxing.
The thing is without Rainmeter (or AveDesk before that) is that the desk seems very empty. It bring some life in it.

Thank you again!
Να'σαι καλά.
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You are right. So, after serious thought (2 whole minutes) and the minimum of concessions, I succumbed to the Rainmeter. Yes, it was a dark day for me but the dahm thing WAS empty. So, now I have the fucking weather and a clock. For the weather I can always look out the window and for the clock ... everywhere. What can I say, life is a bitch!
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Très chouette config :)
Behelit's avatar
merci vieux, de retoure sur DA?
kdrt's avatar
Pas vraiment, je reviens à l'occasion, sans plus...
Tout se passe comme tu veux ?
Cheers man :)
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nice shot... but i've got a question.
Could you be so kind to share the contactlist skin of your mirande style?! ... and could you tell me, how you get the style of the chat-window?!...
when I load the skin of your bro,... i will not get the same result... all in all i'n reaaaaally stunning... its perfect !... at all !
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no preblem bro, send me your email by note ;)
Behelit's avatar
Thx and thx for the fav :D
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This is really nice setup, but you still have this VLC skin? Original creater of this changed the download place and when i downloaded it it looked different, that's why i'm asking can you send your VLC skin to me? Or can you upload it somewhere in web?

Thanx mate so much!
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sry bro i forgat this, sending it right now!
Behelit's avatar
No prob bro i will send it today and thx for the fav ;)
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NICE Desktop, really fucking amazing haha
Behelit's avatar
thank you :) put some time in it but it's a keeper :p

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thx alot bro!
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Nice one bro. :clap:
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really apreciated :) thx for the fav!
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