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It is what irt is...... an 18 inch tall pear made from slices of cardboard. Obviously, this was my teacher's idea. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a chance in HELL I'd waste this much time/cardboard on building a cardboard pear. Anywho...... it was hard to build and it took a lot of time, I hope it was worth it, lemme know what you think ;)
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It's great! How did you determine the size of each layer?
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I love it. How did you do it?
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love it! But how did you find a way to stick the round pieces together without having them touch each other? You didnt use glue right? It looks so clean! Is there some kind of wedge in the center holding them all in place?
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good idea! Tasty!
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interesting :thumbsup:
you gave me an idea :giggle:
i'm having a cardboard project for my 3D art class:woohoo:
thanks for sharing!
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You're welcome, good luck with your project! :)
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This is so cool!

Absolutely incredible!
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you're welcome!
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great pear! (i seriously dont think ive written that EVER.)
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cool. i'm currently looking for ideas for my next art project for school and i think i u just gave me an idea! ;]

oh, how did u connect the pieces?
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Well, I used small cardboard circles as spacers and glued them together with a hot glue gun. Any other king of glue will take too much time to dry, so even though it's a little messy I recommend you use the glue gun. Also, the spacers should be around half the size of the pieces attached to it. If the spacers are too small and the shapes are too big, the structure will be wobbly and unstable. I hope this works, if you have any more questions fell free to ask. Good luck with your project! :)
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thank you very much :]
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you're welcome :)
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See it was all worth it.. Darling art takes time. you have to it for fun. So cheer up.. it is a new experience embrace it.

You got some darn talent but carry on with art like it was a burden to you. You could be a huge better artist if you LOVED art. you like it but you dont love it. :hug:

It might sound harsh but you know what I mean and if you didnt had that amazing extraordinary talent that you have I would be so hard on you. Your teachers see that reason why they stalk you to do great things.
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Thanks darling, I truly admire your honesty:) I agree with you, I think that maybe, because graphic design is becoming a career to me, maybe I'm begining to see it as a business, a job more than a passion. I know I have the heart for it, I just need to look deeper into myself........ One day it'll hopefully happen tho, I just wish it wouldn't take me so long to realize, and actually learn to LOVE and have a passion for what I do. Until then, I can only keep trying. :hug:

PS: The Moleskine helps on that matter, I'll even take it with me to PR and whip up a couple of things, you'll see ;) So I thank you for it :)
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good. see you then. ;) :hug:
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It really is impressive. The change in size form each layer to the next is extremely well done. It must have taken quite a long time to make and I hope your grade reflected that.

I would say the time spent was worth it, but I'm not sure I would want to repeat the process.
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It did trake a long time, and the grade did reflected the effort (A ;)), thanks for the comment. :)
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wow, dats kewl (check out my :gallery:)
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Thank you, thank you :bow: :D
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