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sweet halloween dreams

another fast and stupid one, since these days (or ever) I dont have time to do anything better - I remembered how I was drawing monsters all the time when I was 15 :)... and since halloween is close... =P

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A very simple and a strong idea! One of the best digital arts what i have seen - and i have seen a lot on artstation, working as 3d environment artist in gamedev :) seen this like a mem on social media some years ago, yesterday i saw two kids playing with wooden swords, i remembered your art and decided to search for an artist and show some respect) this sketch deserves an animated pixar movie, my friend.

I love this piece! Any idea if there's by any chance a 3d printer version of the teddy bear with the sword and shield available for purchase somewhere? Not looking necessarily for an already printed version, a schematic for it would work great too. I'm trying to build a small night lamp from wood and epoxy resin for a friend who suffers from night terrors, and I'd love to integrate a small figurine of the teddy bear in it. I think it would be a great center-piece for it, sort of "protecting her" from whatever is in her nightmares.

How can one purchase. I see comments saying there is a purchase link but I don't see

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In between the title and the picture, where you get the favourite button and a bunch of sharing options, there is also a button that currently says "Buy from $3.83"

NOTHING stupid about this. It's just right, love it!

aww, I love this!!

I would like to purchase this print please For a Christmas gift.

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Do you have it in poster form? I saw one that had the caption, "Teddy Bears, protecting innocent children from monsters under the bed since 1916." I am not sure of the year, but I would like to purchase it. My name is Maria Ladd, at Thank you very much.
Thank you, this inspired us to write this…
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When I first looked at it, I didn't see the teddy bear, so I thought the monster was tucking the kid into bed. Still sweet, either way ❤
So this is the original source, I presume? Tagging Pettyexpo for reasons he'll probably understand, and favoriting so that I can find it again (it was pure luck that it managed to pop up as What's Hot today)
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Go get 'em Teddy Ruxpin!
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sleep paralysis be like
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i love it so much.
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This is what stalkers me all night
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is it just me, or does the monster look simmilar to the monster from the "blind prince and liar princess"?
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Or to OFF game?
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To batter. Look in search off game batter monster form
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OH haven't heard about that game in a while! I see the resemblance.
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When your mom watches you sleeping peacefully
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