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let the bad blood out


it's been a while since I submitted anything- I've been very busy lately...
and, uhm, this one might not be the most appealing thing ever...
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The centering of the subject, the use of shading and minimal use of color as pattern to define the space is dramatic. Not letting the red run off the page works well. The first thing that drew me was the color on her arms, the way is spread about her followed by the look on her face to see what the mood was.
The true, life-like quality of the subject is fantastic, nothing exaggerated. The pose is natural and what I see of people sitting normally and in a somewhat introspective mood; the solemn look of the subject's face will make the viewer wonder what her reason is for this desperate act since it can be many subjects.
This is a wonderful piece.
yerl47's avatar
Sensitive pencil work, very nice.
I enjoy this one... it could totally be me. looking at my self and wondering if it was worth it.
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This is incredibly emotional and I love the style of your art work. Terrific job, mate! ;)
we are woven
of our very life force
and sit thereupon
to ponder whence
this flow came.

  Then, again, it
may not be important
-as contrast-
to our feelings...
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Great use of colors in this one. :clap:
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I came out of depression not too long ago myself, and while I never cut, I can understand quite easily why. Because of that, this artwork speaks volumes to me.
halonut117's avatar
lots of emotion in this. amazing work
Chibi-Prints's avatar
...I understand...
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The anatomy is really perfect, and I love the simplicity, and how the blood makes a sort of a pattern. As a recovering cutter this speaks volumes to me, especially with the title. To me this is not triggering at all, but it touches my heart.
pincushionqueen61's avatar
Been there, felt that. Not appealing, but real.
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Beautiful. So close to life that you can feel the torment and the release.
From an art point of view, lovely anatomy.
griffinscreations's avatar
But there are so many cutters out there. This picture disturbs me but I cannot deny the talent behind it.
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Remind me never to ask you for emotional help...
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CollapseOfWinter's avatar
wow, it's very nice. i really know what you mean.
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auch, still a lovely drawing though
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very emotive...can see the hurt.
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Its cool, but why blood on her arms...what was the idea behind it...ahhhh I sound like my art teacher!
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Whoa. That takes me in, dude. Brisk.
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poli kalo! kai i dixromia tou paei polu
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thanks! kai prospa8w na peisw ton eauto mou na xrisimopoiw ligotero tetoia 8emata...
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xero akrivos ti ennoeis...
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its very appealing, the anatomy is practically flawless and the concept is very personal. I love it.
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