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Midnight Black

Look at me, darIing. I never allow you to leave me the second time.
If you insist on leaving, at least take me with you.

The nightmaremoon is the dark side of the moon, and when she is separated from Luna, the balance is broken. She must be awake and calm at all times, or else she will be devoured by the shadow of her heart.
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Hauntingly heartwarming.
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I can not she scared, or aroused? =P

I wish this picture was a bit more intense in meaning, but I have seen enough interactions between these two to not take them seriously! :D
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Guess she didn't like the ropes
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Her mane is like an amazing upwards waterfall :O Just so perfect ~

Is Nightmare about to overload on dark energy? Will she die?

And it is heartwarming that the selfish queen loves Nightmare more than her own life ;;
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In fact, I do not know
Maybe Chrysalis could make her wake up, maybe not.
But in any case, Chrysalis will accompany her, or ... become part of her?
It does not sound like a good ending ...

【Your new portrait is great】
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At the very least, Chrysalis shows her love... If she does not succeed in saving her, at least they will be together in death, even though it is sad...

(Thank you~)
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AMAZING I love how to did her mane
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Both impressive and heartwarming :)
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